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October 25, 2010

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CAN Gateway for ET200S

HMS's 1 SI CANopen module for the SIMATIC ET200S I/O system hasintegration of the CAN 2.0A protocol. In addition to the standard CANopenprotocol, the HMS 1 SI CANopenmodule can also be used for transmission/ reception of any CAN 2.0A frameregardless of the overlayingCAN application protocol. Typical applications include all kinds of machinesand automation systems where CAN or CANopen enabled devices are used incombination with Siemens PLCs.

The HMS 1 SI CANopen module fits mechanically into the standard ET200Ssystem rack and can be used in combination with all other modules of the ET200Sfamily. The module can be engineered with STEP7, allowing easy configurationand diagnostics. STEP7 also allows upgrading already existing 1 SI CANopen boardswith this new functionality. Using the standard PROFIBUS or PROFINET buscoupler of the ET200S, the 1 SI CANopen module can be used along with Siemensautomation and control systems.

HMS supports users of its 1 SI CANopen module with new PLC functionblocks which are used to create and analyze CAN 2.0A frames directly in the PLCprogram. Based on these function blocks, PLC programmers can easily implementcustomer specific CAN application protocols or specific CAN applicationprofiles.
CAN Gateway for ET200S_A

CAN Gateway for ET200S_A

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