Cable carrier powers vehicle doors

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December 16, 2002

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Cable carrier powers vehicle doors

In an automotive application, the polymer Microtrak cable carrier allows electric cabling to smoothly move and transition under any operational temperature and weather to accommodate any sliding door location along its track.

Reliability of powered sliding doors hinges on availability of electric power in any position of the door, under any possible condition, for the life of a vehicle. Previously, power was only available via plunger type contact switches that made contact only when the door was closed, precluding powered operation in other positions.

The Microtrak(R) link-carrier system, made from a pliable but highly durable polymer, allows uninterrupted electrical circuits between the vehicle body and moving door. A unique three-prong connection pin joining the movable links ensures structural integrity under any possible load. The pin prongs contract when inserted into the mating bore and then expand to their original shape once properly seated in the bore.

Engineers also developed snap-open/lock-closed cavity access lids for the links. These use a durable polymer integral hinge, which allows vehicle production technicians eased direct access to the cable carrier inner cavity when installing electrical circuits. Proprietary connection technology also permits quick and secure mounting of Microtrak ends to body and door components. Fully automated production ensures the millions of links made meet individual and system reliability.

Applications include vehicles such as vans and helicopters.

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