Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Preview

DN Staff

April 9, 2010

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Autodesk Inventor Fusion Technology Preview

AutodeskA(R)InventorA(R) Fusion Technology Preview is innovative, new Digital Prototypingtechnology that's changing the way people work with 3-D mechanical designsoftware. Inventor Fusion technology showcases intuitive direct manipulationcapabilities for unrivaled ease of use, provides direct modeling for rapiddesign changes without limitations, and unites direct and parametric workflowswithin a single digital model created in AutodeskA(R) InventorA(R) software. AutodeskInventor Fusion unites the power and control of parametric, history-basedmodeling with the speed and ease of use of direct, history-free modeling,enabling users to choose the modeling approach that is right for the task athand. The technology preview is the first step in delivering the full vision ofInventor Fusion to engineers everywhere. Inventor Fusion Technology Preview is idealfor companies that need to make rapid, history-free design changes to a modelthrough direct manipulation but also have many years worth of feature- andhistory-based data and design intent that they need to access, use andmaintain.

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