Asynchronously Triggered, Four-Camera Embedded Vision System

DN Staff

March 15, 2011

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Asynchronously Triggered, Four-Camera Embedded Vision System

ThePPT Vision Impact M-SeriesEmbedded Vision System allows users to perform up to four uniqueinspections that can be initiated independently - at different times orsimultaneously - using a single vision processor. This product opens up a hostof applications for PPT Vision's machine vision solutions and deliversprecision and speed to automated inspection, guidance and identificationproduction processes.

"I haven't seen anything touch this thing inspeed," says Jeff Schmitz, marketing director of PPTVision."It offers fast speed and configuration for custom inspection."

Performingat speeds up to 210 frames per second, compact M-Series GigE cameras delivertwice the speed of most smart cameras. Unlike other smart cameras, no PC isrequired for configuring and operating the Impact M-Series Embedded VisionSystem. The M-Series embedded M40 processor eliminates the need for a separatecomputer for programming and operation, creating a straightforward, networkedsystem. Significant cost savings are achieved by eliminating the need topurchase multiple systems for separate inspection/guidance programs, as well asin reducing setup and networking time.

Bycombining a simple operating system with high speed and precision, the M-Seriesprovides the flexibility and performance needed for challenging inspectionprocesses. Models are also available to deliver 16 times the resolution of mostVGA cameras. The M-Series is a machine vision solution for manufacturingindustries that require more than one inspection, including electronics,pharmaceutical, medical devices, consumer products and automotive.

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