Aras Enhances PLM Replication Capabilities

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July 1, 2010

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Aras Enhances PLM Replication Capabilities

Aras is bolsteringthe fault tolerance and system configurability of its open PLM platform withthe announcement of enhanced vault replication capabilities for Aras Innovatorthat aim to simplify the user experience.

Aras's new vault replication enhancements allowsystem administrators to completely configure replication rules without anyscripting or programming. System administrators can quickly and easily defineautomated replication processes, express complex business rules and createreplication events with no coding required. Configurable vault replicationrules allow the definition of different replication modes for unlimited vaults,file types, file ownership or any other user-defined business requirement. Replicationevents can be set up to operate on-demand, upon file change or on a periodicschedule when WAN traffic is minimized.

Aras's vaultreplication approach is designed to ensure that users are always working withthe most current version of a file. With Aras, end users have a single, unifiedview of files, even in complex multi-vault, globally distributed environments. Arasavoids the replication issues faced by other major PLM systems by assigning aunique identifier to every version of a file. The Aras approach to vaultreplication aims for the highest level of data integrity possible whileeliminating synchronization problems and providing a simple experience for endusers, officials explained.

Aras Enhances PLM Replication Capabilities

Aras Enhances PLM Replication Capabilities_A

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