Analog Devices' ADIsimDiffAmp

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April 9, 2010

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Analog Devices' ADIsimDiffAmp

The ADIDifferential Amplifier Calculator is a free, downloadable, graphicaldifferential amplifier design tool that reduces engineering calculation timesfrom hours to minutes. Using the calculator, engineers designing systems forcommunications, instrumentation and medical markets and who use ADI'shigh-speed differential amplifiers in their products are able to lower designrisk and improve time to market. An updated, downloadable version of ADI'sADIsimDiffAmpTM design tool, the ADI Differential Amplifier Calculator automatesseveral time-consuming calculations required to determine optimal levels forgain, termination resistors, power dissipation, noise output and inputcommon-mode voltage. The calculator supports the following high-speeddifferential amplifiers: AD8132, AD8137, AD8138, AD8139, ADA4927, ADA4932, ADA4937,ADA4938 and ADA4939. The design tool's intuitive graphical user interfacefeatures an interactive dashboard that provides engineers with a simple "pointand click" method for quickly and easily adding and changing data. Data changesappear in real time, providing users the ability to create unlimited "what- if"scenarios.
2010 Golden Mousetrap Finalist

2010 Golden Mousetrap Finalist_ADI

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