A Technosoft Intelligent Drive with High-speed EtherCAT Communication

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October 26, 2010

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A Technosoft Intelligent Drive with High-speed EtherCAT Communication

IDM680can operate either as a standard EtherCAT slave using a CANopen over EtherCAT(CoE) protocol, or it can be programmed to execute complex motion programsdirectly at drive level, using the built-in motion controller and the EasyMotionStudio platform. EasyMotion Studio automatically generates all the TMLinstructions. Using TML programming, you can reduce the development time ofcomplex applications by distributing the intelligence between master and drive:you can call complex motion functions, pre-stored in the drive memory, ortrigger their execution via I/O signals.

IDM680is suitable for the operation of brushless, dc or linear motors up to640 W continuous / 1.3 kW peak voltages. Adding EtherCATcompatibility to the IDM680 drive provides a potent combination of speed and variousoperating modes, including: position or speedprofiles (trapezoidal, S-curve); 3rd order PVT and 1storder PT interpolation; electronic gearing and camming; analogue or digital externalreference; open / closed loop and microstepping (up to 256 I.25steps/step) forstep motors.

Thisdrive is equipped with various sensors: digital and linear Halls, SSI, EnDAT,BiSS, sine/cosine incremental encoders and resolver. PC/PLC motion librariesare available for the drive's quick industrial integration.

IDM680with EtherCAT is useful to motion control applications that require high datatransfer rates, short data processing times and high synchronicity with lowjitter, such as plant or building automation industries.

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