64-Bit VxWorks RTOS

DN Staff

March 2, 2011

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64-Bit VxWorks RTOS

Wind River has an updated version of VxWorks,the embedded real-time operating system (RTOS). The latest VxWorks is acommercial RTOSes that includes improved multi-core processing support. VxWorksnow delivers 64-bit support both in data and code execution that was once thesole domain of supercomputer and server markets. For telecommunications networkinfrastructure equipment manufacturers, 64-bit computing is critical in keepingup with the stresses of increasingly exploding data. Other vertical industriesuse 64-bit support, for example, for industrial and medical applications suchas high-definition imagery, and aerospace and defense applications such ashighly complex radar, sonar and sensors.

Thelatest VxWorks delivers greater multi-core processing performance in bothsymmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and asymmetrical multiprocessing (AMP)configurations. VxWorks platforms now bundle the Intel optimizing C++ compilerand the Intel Performance Primitives (IPP) library for Intel architecturesonly. This version of VxWorks now includes support for the ARM Cortex A9processor, with a multi-core SMP and ARM Thumb-2 instruction set. This VxWorksrelease also provides enhanced networking capabilities, including new securityfeatures and increased Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments(IETF RFC) support. Additionally, software development on VxWorks is enabled bythe Wind River Workbench development tools suite.

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