13 Truths Proved by NASA's Curiosity Rover

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May 13, 2015

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13 Truths Proved by NASA's Curiosity Rover

Luke Dubord, technical group supervisor, avionics subsystem engineering group, NASA, laid some truth on the opening keynote audience at last week's Embedded Systems Conference in Boston.

Dubord is a member of the team that safely landed NASA's Curiosity rover on the fourth planet from the sun, early on August 6, 2012, eastern time. Since then, it has been communicating with NASA's Mars Science Lab, passing valuable data and photos back to Earth.

In discussing the NASA Curiosity Rover's design, launch, successful landing, and continuing mission on Mars, Dubord touched on topics that, whether engineers want to accept or not, are real of all engineering, from simple consumer devices to complex spacecraft.

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  • 1. 'Fake it 'til you make it' doesn't apply to engineering.

  • 2. Timing can be everything.

  • 3. Communication is key.

  • 4. Safety first.

  • 5. The best laid plans can still fail.

  • 6. You are going to fail sometimes.

  • 7. And sometimes there are no second chances.

  • 8. Sometimes the best ideas are the crazy ones.

  • 9. Engineering can be messy.

  • 10. Good engineering is a thing of beauty.

  • 11. Trust your designs.

  • 12. There's always another project ahead.

  • 13. There's no I in "team."

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