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December 3, 2001

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Plastics, Metals and Other Materials


XYLEX(TM) resin is designed to provide ductility and chemical resistance, while also allowing for transparent or opaque special effects. The resin's chemical resistance cuts down on racking and crazing, and its UV-, heat-, and cold-resistance contribute to reportedly good weatherability. Consisting of five commercial grades, the resin family operates in applications ranging from telecommunications and consumer electronics to optical eyewear and consumer housewares.

GE Plastics, www.geplastics.com.

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Smooth diamond coating

DiaSmooth(TM) crystalline diamond coating is designed to improve the lifespan of carbide cutting tools by 10 to 20 times and to allow for higher tool cutting speeds. With a hardness rating of 10,000 Vickers, the coating consists of 0.02- to 0.1-micron size nano-grain diamond crystals. It is used as the coating on machining tools for cutting non-ferrous or hard abrasive materials.

Diamond Tool Coating, www.diamondtc.com.

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Elastomer alloys

The Versalloy(TM) XL9000 series elastomer alloy line is made for hardware, tools, appliances, and sports and leisure goods. Used in molding and final processing, they reportedly reduce cycle times and fill difficult molds. According to the company, the alloys have improved oil resistance, compression set resistance, and isotropic shrinkage.

GLS Corp., www.glscorporation.com.

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Polyurethane enamel

The low-VOC Polane T60 Polyurethane Enamel reportedly adheres to metal and plastic substrates, providing hardness, adhesion, and abrasion resistance. Designed for the electronic enclosures industry, the long-lasting, gloss stable finish fastens to polycarbon, ABS, polyphenylene oxide, and polystyrene. The enamel meets EPA regulations with its 2.9 lbs/gal VOC, its lead-free and chro-mate-free finish, and its stain-, chemical-, and corrosion-resistance.

Sherwin-Williams, www.sherwinwilliams.com.

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Polycarbonite films

Makrofol DPF 5001 polycarbonate film has a high gloss first surface and a micro-matte second surface, which gives it higher surface energy. It is designed without masking, for printability and low internal stress. Compared to standard matte textured films, this film is intended for lower haze and higher total light transmission. Used in automotive instrument display windows, it comes in 0.005- to 0.030-inch gauges.

Bayer Corp., www.bayer.com/polymers-usa.

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Cold temperature label material

The company's pressure sensitive label material, TLP 866, designed especially for vial marking conforms to small diameter surfaces. Labels with the material are intended to be preprinted with static information and then imprinted with variable information, due to a special topcoating. With a resin-based, thermal transfer ribbon imprinting, the topcoating on TLP 866 is designed to resist smudging, abrasion, and chemicals. Vial marking applications include inventory tracking labels, bar code labels, and temperature-sensitive biological products.

Tailored Label Products, Inc., www.tailoredlabel.com.

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Lubricious coatings

LubriLAST(TM) lubricious water-based coatings are designed as low-friction surfaces, used in repeated medical device insertion areas to reduce tissue trauma. The hydrogel coating, made from crosslinking a hydrophilic polymer in a polymeric network, reportedly cures under low temperature drying conditions and without UV light. Used in medical device applications, the coating may be applied to most metals, polymers, and ceramic materials.

AST Products, Inc., www.astp.com.

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