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November 20, 2000

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Plastics, Metals, and other Materials


Developed for the printing industry, this swell-resistant elastomer gum is made to resist deformation and contamination by chemicals found in printer's inks. Featuring customized nitrile rubber, the product is designed to be used in media isolation diaphragms for ink dispensing and retrieval systems and in high-speed ink jet printers. The product is also said to be nonmagnetic, and is available in Series 50 and Series 20 size.

Peter Paul Electronics, Box 1180, New Britain, CT 06050; FAX (860) 223-1734; .

Acetal copolymer

ACETECH XLS is an acetal copolymer which is said to be easily machinable, low stress, and can improve part yield and allow for closer tolerances. Features are said to include no centerline porosity, high dimensional stability, long life, and chemical resistance. The product also complies with FDA requirements for food contact, and is available in 4 foot-wide sheets in thickness from 3/8 to 1 1/2 inches.

A.L. Hyde, 1 Main St, Grenloch, NJ 08032; FAX (856) 232-1754.

Crystal polymer

Zenite(R)7130 liquid crystal polymer from this company is designed for use in miniature relays which must withstand infrared soldering temperatures of up to 260C. In addition to heat resistance, the material is said to provide high performance, strength, and stiffness. The design is reinforced with 30% glass fiber and the manufacturer says it can withstand up to 15 million switching cycles.

Dupont Engineering Polymers, Maylands Ave., Hemel Hempstead, HertsHP27DP England; FAX 44 2 218646; .

Breathable film

ST-2546 from this company is a thermoplastic polyurethane film and sheet which is said to be breathable with a high moisture vapor transmission rate of 600 g/m 2 /24 hours. The product is designed to be used in very thin gauges of 0.001 to 0.002 inch and laminated to fabric to provide a breathable but waterproof layer. The film also is said to prevent penetration by microscopic particles.

Stevens Urethane, 9 Sullivan Rd., Holyoke, MA 01040-2800; FAX (413) 552-1195; .


Penephite is a penetrating lubricant which combines oils, solvents, and graphite particles in colloidal suspension. The product is said to be homogeneous, and delivers graphite into small spaces where it adheres to metal parts to provide lubrication in wet or dry conditions over a wide temperature range. Applications including leaf springs, slides, locks, hinges, and rust protection.

Kano Laboratories, 1000 S Thompson Lane, Nashville, TN 37211-2627; FAX (615) 833-5790; .

Oils and greases

This company has recently expanded and renamed its line of perfluoropolyether (PFPE) lubricants. Now called Uniflor(TM), the products are divided into five series for different applications. More than 50 different greases are available which can be enhanced with additives including anti-corrosives, rust inhibitors, and UV dyes. Non-flammable UniFlor oils are also available in a wide range of viscosities, some of which offer low vapor pressure.

Nye Lubricants, Box 8927, New Bedford, MA 02742-8927; FAX (508) 994-0499; .

Fiber compounds

Advanced Fiber Compounds (ADFs) from this company are designed to fill a price/performance gap between long- and short-glass fiber compounds. The product is said to combine the processing ease of short-glass fiber compounds with structural properties approaching of long glass.

RTP Co., Box 5439, Winona, MN 55987-0439; FAX (507) 454-2041; .


This synthetically produced single crystal sapphire is designed for use by design engineers and researchers. The product is said to be stronger than glass and has high thermal conductivity, volume resistivity, hardness, wear resistance, and high upper use temperature.

Goodfellow; FAX (413) 552-1195.

Graphite foam

Available in a variety of grades, this graphite foam is designed to be a lightweight and strong thermal management material. The product is said to have high thermal conductivity, and to provide higher performance than other materials in applications such as heat sinks and heat exchangers.

Poco Graphite Inc.; FAX (940) 393-4322.

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