Innovative Metals/Metalworking Products

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December 16, 2002

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Innovative Metals/Metalworking Products

Stainless steels speed machining

A new line of premium stainless steel machining alloys from Carpenter Technology Corp. target increased productivity by offering faster machining speeds and decreased tool wear. Called Project 70+ alloys, they offer machining speeds 20 - 50% greater than comparable stainless steels, according to Bob Drab, a Carpenter machining specialist. And feedback from users indicates that the material has superior formability characteristics, which increases the life of tooling, Drab adds. Created through chemistry and manufacturing advances, Project 70+ alloys replace two of the company's previous free-machining stainless products, Project 70 and Project 7000. "Project 70+ offers the best of both previous materials," says Product Manager Matt Enoch, who explains that the new alloys pair the consistency of Project 70 steels with the high machining speeds of Project 7000. The new alloys are intended for demanding machining applications in aerospace, industrial, automotive, and other markets. Project 70+ stainless is available in six grades: Type 303 stainless, Type 304/304L stainless, Type 316/316L stainless, Type 416 stainless, Custom 630 stainless, and 15Cr-5Ni stainless. They come in sizes ranging from 0.125 to 3.25 inches in standard increments. Carpenter Technology Corp., Enter 639

Metals and water do mix

Metal injection molding (MIM) compounds using PowderFlo water-based binder technology are now available from the RTP Company. Unlike most MIM material systems, which require a solvent or high-temperature debinding steps, PowderFlo products rely on an agar binder that can be removed by simply air drying the green parts, usually at room temperature. The elimination of a more intensive debinding process cuts the number of manufacturing steps and reduces cost, according to Robert Wick, RTP's manager for structural materials. But an even bigger benefit relates to the design possibilities. Because agar debinds more easily than wax and polymeric binders, PowderFlo materials don't become trapped in the green parts. Consequently, they can produce larger parts with thicker wall sections than conventional MIM materials, Wick reports, citing PowderFlo parts weighing more than 5 lbs with wall sections 3/8-inch thick. The first MIM application for RTP's MIM materials, a putter for PING Inc. made by the Remington Arms Co., made good use of these large part capabilities. The 0.6 lb putter features a blade and hozel that have been consolidated into a single part. RTP Company currently offers PowderFlo materials in four grades of stainless steel: 316L, 410, 440C, and 17-4PH. Additional alloys will soon be available. RTP Company, Enter 640

Mill-turn machines get rigid tooling

Kennametal has expanded its line of KM modular tooling for integrated milling and turning or mill-turn machines, which require tooling with greater rigidity than conventional systems. "Conventional tooling works well in rotating applications but suffers from a lack of stability in turning," explains Mark Parish, Kennametal's product manager for tooling systems. This KM quick-change tooling system consists of a spindle with a built-in connection for tool holders and cutting units. This connection relies on a face and taper contact between the spindle and tool holder. "The KM design delivers three-surface contact that provides increased rigidity and accuracy," Parish says. Suitable for a wide variety of machining makes, the extended KM line includes a broad range of collet chucks, hydraulic chucks, boring-bar adapters, drill adapters, whistle notch adapters, A3 threading and grooving adapters, gage bars, turning-tool adaptors, shell mill adapters, end mill adapters, extensions, and reducers that handle virtually any mill-turn operation. Kennametal, Enter 641

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