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February 15, 2010

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Medical in the Marketplace

Gauthier Biomedical's New Line of Twist-N-Load Surgical Instruments

"Ready to go" with a simple twist and subsequent "click"

Gauthier Biomedical's new line of specialized surgical instruments includes the company's innovative Twist-N-Load Connection System. With the Twist-N-Load, users don't have to pull back on any collar or push a button to begin the connection process. With a simple twist of the wrist, the shaft quickly locks into place, providing an instrument with extreme integrity and zero "play." The Twist-N-Load is perfect for users who may require multiple connection changes or simply want the convenience of an almost immediate, quick and sturdy connection. Unlike standard connectors, which may require parts that are screwed together, there is no wasting time determining if the parts are 100-percent secure. The Twist-N-Load gives users the confidence of knowing that the connection is "ready to go" with a simple twist and subsequent "click."

Gauthier Biomedical Inc.

Qosina's Purple Female Luer Lock Syringes

For simplified mixing between syringes

Female luer lock syringes from Qosina (Part #C3608 to C3613) allow direct connection to male luer locks or the mixing of fluids with male luer lock syringes without additional adapters. Qosina's polypropylene syringes with purple plungers and polyisoprene seals have a larger through-hole for increased flow of both low- and high-viscosity materials. Qosina stocks these syringes in sizes ranging from 1 to 60 ml. The larger sizes, 10 ml and above, are equipped with an offset (eccentric) tip providing parallel positioning and ease of use.

Qosina Corp.

Gem's New Capacitive Level Sensors

Deliver accurate detection for challenging fluids

The new CAP-100 and CAP-200 Series Capacitive Liquid Level Sensors from Gems Sensors & Controls offer a unique level sensing solution for a wide variety of bottle types including plastic, glass and fiberglass. These compact sensors are ideally suited for medical applications such as waste, reagent or diluent liquids, as well as dark, sticky or viscous fluids. Easy to calibrate, both sensor series are available in both aqueous and non-aqueous versions and can be delivered with factory preset sensitivity for quick installation for OEM orders. They may also be used as a proximity sensor to detect the presence of solids such as paper or pulp. The two series are distinguished by their mounting method. Made with Delrin(R) bodies, the CAP-200 is suitable for food and beverage application without the need of a sensor well. Both series are available in models that support either aqueous or non-aqueous liquid detection, with a choice of Wet- or Dry-Sink switch actuation. Both series are compact. The externally mounting CAP-100 measures 57 x 30 mm, while the CAP-200 is just 52 mm long. They incorporate LED signal and power indicators. An integrated potentiometer allows sensitivity field adjustments. A 10-48V dc supply voltage is required for operation.

Gems Sensors & Controls

Tadiran's Lithium Battery Withstands -80C

Supports medical cold chain

Tadiran's long-life 3.6V lithium thionyl chloride cells are capable of delivering continuous around-the-clock power for 20-plus years in temperatures as low as -80C. Currently utilized in data loggers and sensors, these batteries provide reliable power to ensure a continuous data stream to verify that consistent temperatures have been maintained in order to preserve tissue samples, transplant organs and pharmaceuticals that are frozen or packed in dry ice. Batteries modified for the medical cold chain are available in 1/2 AA, 2/3 AA, AA, C, D and DD cylindrical cells, as well as wafer cells and battery packs.


KNF's FMM20 Liquid Pump

OEM solenoid-driven metering pump

KNF's newest liquid pump, the FMM20, is a solenoid-driven diaphragm pump designed to dispense accurate volumes of 5-25 mul/stroke, and is field-adjustable. Featuring quiet operation and a long lifetime, the FMM20 is flow-tight in both directions and offers manifold-mount, barbs and threaded ports. Materials include PP/EPDM, PP/FFPM or PVDF/FFPM and NSF. Install it in any position, close to the desired pumping function. Self priming, with a lifetime of 250 million strokes, it is for use in analyzers, instruments and fuel cells. Pumps are customized for specific OEM requirements. The FMM is ideal for portable appliances, analytical instruments, ink-jet printers and fuel cells. Prototype quantities are available for OEM designers.

KNF Neuberger Inc.

Honeywell's Unipolar Hall-

Effect Digital Position Sensors Operate from as low as 2.7V

Honeywell's two new Hall-Effect digital position sensors - the SS345PT and SS445P Unipolar Hall-Effect Digital Position Sensors - reduce total system cost for customers by having built-in pull-up resistors, eliminating the need for customers to purchase an external pull-up resistor. As unipolar devices, the new sensors respond to either a North or South pole, depending on the sensor. The SS345PT responds to a single North pole; the SS445P responds to a single South pole. The open collector output with built-in pull-up resistor easily interfaces with common electronic circuits. Honeywell has also downsized the sensor's integrated circuit, saving on manufacturing costs while still meeting customer requirements. These manufacturing cost savings result in lower costs to customers. The low 2.7 to 7V dc low supply voltage range allows for use in a variety of applications. Designed for high-volume, cost-sensitive position and motion-sensing applications, the SS345PT and SS445P may be used in medical, commercial and industrial applications.

Honeywell Sensing & Control

CUI Extends VMS line with VMS-365 Series

New medical supply offers power in a 3 x 5-inch footprint

CUI Inc.'s power division, V-Infinity, recently extended its high-efficiency, high-density VMS line with the 365W VMS-365 series. These units have an industry-leading power density of 19 W/inch 3 and come in an open frame package measuring 3 x 5 x 1.40 inch. The VMS-365 can be used in a wide variety of medical and telecom applications, meeting EN60601-1 and ITE EN60950-1 safety standards. With typical efficiency above 90 percent, this series is ideal for applications where power consumption is critical. The VMS-365 series offers universal input (90-264V ac) and single output voltages of 12, 24 and 48V dc. This model outputs 365W with 400 LFM cooling and 200W under convection cooling conditions. It has a built-in active PFC function and a 12V auxiliary fan output with 5V standby. The series can operate from -20 to 50C at full load, derating linearly to 50 percent load at 70C. Protections built-in to the VMS-365 include over-temperature, over-current and over-voltage.

CUI Inc.

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