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July 2, 2001

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Vacuum gun

Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun is designed to blow contaminants loose, and then vacuum them away for a low-cost solution to removing particles from grooves, containers, and drilled holes. The product is said to work in holes from 11/4 to 18 inches in diameter. Features include a lightweight die-cast body, a hanger for storage or mounting on a tool balancer, and an amplified output which is reportedly 12 times the air consumption rate.


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Self-locking plug

Self-locking plugs from this company utilize their FlexThread(TM) design for secure holding in high temperature applications up to 1,000F. This design is said to be an improvement over conventional self-locking technology which relies on deformable metal or plastic parts which lose their effectiveness over time. Current applications include commercial and military aircraft.

Moeller Mfg. Co.,

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Alignment tool kit

The TK-AT5, five-piece alignment tool kit contains non-conductive tools for aligning and adjusting components. These are a timpot, alignment two-in-one tool, spudger, orange stick, and probe pick. All tools from the kit are available individually upon request.


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CNC controls

BURNY Plus family shape-cutting controls are said to provide processing speeds which are 80% faster than their predecessors, including kerf calculation and downloading speeds which are four times faster. Options include gantry and cantilever shape-cutting machines, and Field Upgrade Kits so that earlier versions of the machines can be retrofitted for improved performance.

Cleveland Motion Controls,

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Angle brackets

CADDY(R) CPNA pin-driven angle brackets have been redesigned for what their manufacturer says is better performance for installing drop wires or rods for acoustical, electrical, datacomm, or mechanical projects. Changes include extended leg brackets to provide more room for installation tools, and a smaller, star-shaped hole in the extended leg which allows pins to be preassembled to the bracket.


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