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August 6, 2001

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Cable-tie holders self-clinch into sheet metal, providing an attachment point for mounting wires to an electrical chassis or enclosure. Because they reportedly become one with the sheet metal and don't protrude on the opposite side, these new TY-D Mount holders leave no openings for EMI/RFI, dirt, or dust. Sized to accommodate a variety of cables, the TY-D Mount hardware installs in sheets from 0.040 to 0.125 inch thickness.

Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.,

Enter 650

Locator pin

A double-expanding locator pin installs in seconds and locates any two parts with a repeatability of within 0.001 inch or less. The bottom half of the pin is inserted into a locating hole and expanded by turning a set screw. This forces a ball-and-cone arrangement to expand the bottom, centering the pin in the locating holes. The second locating hole is then placed over the protruding locator pin, and the top is expanded using a tapered screw. The result is aligned locating holes.


Enter 652

Arc welding stations

Arc welding stations combine power supplies, welding lathes/positioners, and weld controllers to provide a precision automatic arc welding system. The product is said to require only a minimum amount of operator skills for welding of small- to medium-sized components and assemblies. The stations are also said to provide accurate weld current and precision rotation.

Pro-Fusion Technologies Inc.,

Enter 653

Spring machine

The CLS-16 Tension Spring Machine produces springs with material sizes from 0.5 to 1.6 mm. It offers 3 axes of servo control, including wire feed, camshaft movement, and transfer control. Each axis is individually operated by an ac servomotor and can be programmed together. The CLS-16 makes all types of loops or hooks, such as English, side, German, and extended-hook springs.

Oriimec Corp. of America,

Enter 654

De-taping machine

A quick-change tooling feature has been recently added to the Model 249 SMT component de-taping machine. The Model 249 is used for removal of SMT components from EIA embossed tape. After de-taping a reel carrying ICs of one body width, operators can now quickly switch to a reel carrying ICs of a different body width without removing any screws or machine parts.

Speedline Manufacturing Co.,

Enter 655

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