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March 26, 2001

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Product News

PTFE gaskets

Low density and high compressibility are among FluolionIntegra Blue's properties, according to the company. It recommends it for plastic and glass-lined flanges that must seal efficiently at low bolt loads, as well as standard flanges. Formulated to be resistant to chemical attack, it reportedly seals many hazardous media at temperatures from -200 to 260C in full vacuum up to 85 bar operating pressure. Possible industry applications include food, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper processing, and electronics manufacturing.

James Walker & Co. Ltd. , Hoe Bridge, Old Woking, Surrey, England GU22 8JL; www.jameswalker.co.uk .

EMC screening

Designed as an alternative to conventional EMC screening, this gasket reportedly provides an effective solution for screening of 19-inch subrack front panels at interference levels above 1 GHz. Because it is manufactured from conductive fabric, the gasket is flexible and should eliminate the problems encountered when traditional screening steel spring contacts are damaged from wear. The new method is targeted at industrial and telecommunications applications.

Schroff UK Ltd. , Maylands Avenue, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, UK HP2 7DE; FAX +44 0 1442 234408; www.schroff.co.uk .

High-temperature putty

Pyro-Putty2500 is designed for use in the assembly of extreme temperature brake pads used in race cars, motorcycles, and other high performance vehicles. Developed initially as a high temperature sealant and metal repair compound, the product is also said to provide good adhesive qualities for high temperature bonding applications, and withstands operating temperatures up to a reported 1,600F.

Aremco Products , 707-B Executive Blvd., Valley Cottage, NY 10989-0989; FAX (352) 375-5571; www.aremco.com .

Antenna circuit board material

RO4234is a printed circuit board material developed specifically for use in antenna applications. However, it can also be used in circuits for wireless infrastructure including PCS, GSM, LMDS, and Bluetooth systems. With a reported loss tangent of plus or minus 0.0018 at 2.5 GHz, the company says will contribute to improved signal performance, and that its rigidity makes it easier to handle than competitive products. The material is offered in thicknesses of 0.03 inches (0.76 mm) or 0.06 inches (1.52 mm).

Rogers Corp. , One Technology Dr., Rogers, CT 06263; FAX (860) 779-5509; www.rogers-corp.com/mwu/info .


MuCell(TM)technology is reported to provide damage-free encapsulation of coil-wound devices, sensors, integrated circuits, and other delicate electrical and electronic assemblies. According to the company, benefits include 20% faster cycle time, 20F lower melt temperature, 50% lower injection pressure, and 75% lower clamp pressure than with solid materials. The process is also credited with easing the molding process of parts with close dimensional tolerances.

DuPont Automotive , 950 Stephenson Hwy., Troy, MI 48007; www.dupont.com/automotive .

Aluminum surface treatment

Altim TDis an aluminum surface treatment developed from a micro-arc oxidation process. According to the company, it offers superior performance with regard to hardness, substrate adherence, wear and corrosion resistance, and electrical and thermal insulation. Unlike thermal powder protection, it can be used on the inside and outside of parts, and is non-polluting. Possible applications include lubricated and non-lubricated friction parts, high-surface-hardness parts, and parts for pneumatic and hydraulic systems.

Mofratech , 2 allee des Faisans, B.P. 75, Z.I. de Vovray, Seynod, France F-74603; www.mofratech.com .

Reinforced Teflon

Designed for use in high temperature valves, this material combines Teflonwith stainless-steel cloth to form a homogeneous entity. The product is said to exhibit very high tensile strength and superior resistance to the creep and cold flow problems which are often associated with ordinary Teflon diaphragms. The company also says the reinforced Teflon material is inert to most chemicals and operates continuously at 205C.

Fluorotech , Box 357687, Gainesville, FL 32635; FAX (352) 375-5571.

Fiber packing

GFOfiber packing from this company is said to be a high performance composite material designed for use as a compression packing for pumps and other rotating equipment. The material is said to never get hard or brittle, will not score shafts, and has excellent lubricity and high thermal conductivity, allowing it to keep cool even after continuous, high speed operation.

W.L. Gore and Associates , 201 Airport Rd., Elkton, MD 21922-4817; FAX (410) 392-4817; www.gore.com .

Adhesive tapes

These electrically conductive pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes are designed to meet the demand for adhesives with low resistance to electrical current used in multifunctional medical electrodes. ARcare8874 and 8881 are non-metallic, highly conductive acrylic tapes recommended by the company for bonding the connector components of the electrode to a second substrate. They are reported to facilitate the transmission of signals sent through the adhesive to make the electrical connection.

Adhesives Research Inc. , Box 100, Glen Rock, PA 17327; FAX (717) 235-8320; www.adhesiveresearch.com .

Silica blanket

This company's Silica Fiber Blanket Type SI moldable is a wet blanket with a combination of high purity amorphous silica fibers with an inorganic silica binder. When dried, the product becomes a rigid structure with a reported temperature rating of 1,100C. The product is said to have good wet handleability, s easily cut with scissors or a knife, and can be applied directly to equipment to form complex contours.

Zircar Products , Box 489, Florida, NY 10921; FAX (914) 651-1515; www.zrci.com .

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