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September 18, 2000

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Product News

Holographic film

Holographic items have just been added to this company's product line. Holographic film laminations and transfer metallized items are available in 28x40 inch sheets. Film laminations include 0.014 pt C2S Rainbow, 0.014 pt C2S Double Rainbow and 24 pt C2S Rainbow, while transfer metallized holographics on 12 pt C1S include Crackle, Dots, and Tinsel.

Hazen Paper,240 S Water St, Holyoke, MA 01041; www.hazen.com.

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Friction materials

FM2535 and FM3540 are carbon-based friction materials for use in torque converters and synchronizer rings, and are said to offer excellent thermal stability and durability. The product consists of a multi-layered carbon composite with carbon granules bonded to an aramid fiber supported by phenolic resins. Also in development is the FM5000 series, which has coefficients of friction as high as 0.18.

3MAutomotive,135 John E. Carrol Ave. E. South St., Paul, MN 55075; (800) 362-3550; www.3m.com

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These soft thermoplastic polymers are designed for use where durability, light and water tightness are required. The DYNAFLEXTPE compound features an overmolded thermoplastic elastomer cover which contains the company's polymers in the final compound, which enables designers to provide a protective coating with ultraviolet and ozone resistance.

Kraton Polymers; FAX (713) 546-2231; www.kraton.com.

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VersaDamp thermoplastic elastomers are said to be easily and inexpensively molded into grommets, equipment mounts and other isolators to control shock and vibration in automotive such as small motors and fans, cables and relay boxes. The product is available in 10 standard formulations, with durometers ranging from 40 Shore A to 75 Shore A and Bashore rebound percentages from 16 to 40.

E-A-R Specialty Composites,7911 Zionsville Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268; FAX (317) 692-3111; www.earsc.com.

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Two liquefied MDI products have just been released, which their manufacturer says offer improved freeze stability. The products are isocyanates designed to help processors of polyurethanes solve the problem of liquefied diphenylmethane diisocyanate freezing during cold weather. The products are also said to have processing and physical properties as good or better than previous products.

Bayer Corp.,100 Bayer Rd., Pittsburgh, PA 15205-9741; FAX (412) 777-3899; www.bayer.com/polymers-usa.

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Molded color

Paint and laser etching services are now part of this company's rapid prototyping services. Through the proprietary X-PCT process, the company says that it can deliver parts in aluminum or steel tooling. Low volume injection molding, RTV casting, in-house tool building, in house product design capability, and complete program management services are also available.

Polymer Technology Corporation,5617 Walton Ave NE, Menomonee, WI 54751; www.polymertechnology.com.

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Polymer components

Polymer system components are designed for use in automobile applications including windshield molding, front and rear bumpers, lighting, headlamp washing, energy management, and structural support components. Non-automotive applications include construction, agriculture, plumbing, beverage dispensing, and home appliances. Custom painting and fabrication is also available.

Rehau, Box 1706, Leesburg, VA 20177; FAX (703) 777-3053; www.rehau-na.com.

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Multi-Flex(R)A 6202 is said to work as an interior replacement for PVC. The product is a 60 Shore A styrenic-based TPE which is said to exhibit the scratch and mar characteristics of PVC skin, while eliminating the high fogging levels usually associated with PVC. The product is also said to be fully compatible with polyolefins and can be overmolded with good adhesion to TPO or PP products.

Multibase Inc., 3835 Copley Rd., Copley, OH 44321; FAX (330) 666-7419; www.multibase.com.

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Silicone gaskets

Four FastGasket(R)materials have been added to this company's line of high-volume cured-in-place (CIP) silicone gaskets, each of which is said to have performance characteristics specific to automotive applications. The products are designed to replace traditional hard gaskets, eliminating inventory, material, and production costs associated with these materials. All of the products are said to be non-solvent and can be applied to metal, aluminum, or plastic surfaces.

Loctite, 1001 Trout Brook Crossing, Rocky Hill, CT 06067; FAX (860) 571-5465; www.loctite.com.

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Heat transfer fluid

NF(R)non-fouling, non-toxic transfer fluid is said to provide precise, uniform process temperature control in closed-loop heat transfer systems up to 600 F. The product is said to be safe, non-toxic, non-fouling, easy to dispose, odorless, and crystal clear, and has passed Bioassay with three species. It is also said to be safely combinable with lube oils and recycled locally.

Paratherm,1050 Colwell Rd., Conshohocken, PA 19428-9428; FAX (330) 666-7419; www.paratherm.com.

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This resistor manufacturer is introducing a new thick film on steel technology, which it has applied to a new class of resistors for a wide range of applications. Produced by binding a thick ceramic dielectric glaze to stainless steel, the resistors are said to be vibration and shock resistant, and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 F for use in automotive and household applications.

IRC Inc.,736 Greenway Rd. Box 1860, Boone, NC 28607-8607; FAX (330) 666-7419; www.irctt.com.

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Plastic film

TPU film is said to provide high performance and toughness for use in automotive interior applications. Applications include bladder systems for inflatable lumbar supports, and moisture and air barriers for roof lines and door cavities. The company says that the film can also be laminated to car seat fabric to allow it be vacuum formed prior to forming the cushion.

Stevens Urethane, 9 SullivanRd., Holyoke, MA 01040-2800; FAX 413-552-1195; www.stevensurethane.com.

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Cable tags

Write-On Coverall(TM)tags are designed to identify cables running above and below ground. When combined with a UV-resistant marking pen, UV-resistant ties, and a self-laminating plastic flap, the product is said to provide permanent cable identification. The tags have space for information such as cable source, number, destination, and fiber count.

VIP Products,Box 924647, Houston, TX 77292; FAX (800) 967-3986.

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Two new product groups are now available for use in automotive and industrial cables, hoses, and gas lines against heat-related hazards. The Fryejacketsleeves and Fryetapewrap employ a substrate of woven fiberglass of either hollow tube, filled tube, or flat tape, while a liquid silicone rubber is coated over the top. The resulting product is said to be highly heat and flame resistant.

Dow Corning,Box 994, Midland, MI 48686-0994; FAX (517) 496-8026; www.dowcorning.com.

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Abrasion-resistant resin 9-984-B conformal coating is reported to hide portions of a pc board, components, and circuitry. Precision dispensing systems optimize coating placement. Exposure to longwave UV and visible light reportedly cures the coating in seconds, but the material can also cure via heat treatment.

Dymax Corp.,51 Greenwoods Rd., Torrington, CT 06790; FAX (860) 496-0608; www.dymax.com.

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