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August 7, 2000

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Cutoff tools

The indexable and four-edged Quattro(TM)Cutoff Tools are designed for automatic and CNC machines. They are available in a round holder configuration designed for Davenport machines, which mainly accept left hand inserts, though right hand inserts also mount properly. The other available style is square shanks for general applications, in both left and right hand configurations in four sizes each.

Manchester Tool Co., 5142 Manchester Road, Akron, OH 44319; FAX (330) 644-6139;

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Reclosable fasteners

The Dual Lock(TM)Low Profile Reclosable Fastener, used to secure panels, frames, electronic devices, ceiling panels, and more, doesn't leave empty holes like mechanical fasteners can, and it's reported to be stronger than hook-and-loop fasteners. It also features a thin profile, light weight, clear color, flexibility, and vibration damping features. When pressed together, thousands of mushroom heads interlock creating an audible snap. These pieces are self-mating and don't require male and female parts.

3M-Lead Data Base, 135 John E. Carrol Ave. E., South St. Paul, MN 55075;

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Included in the Velcro Express SM Program product offering are: eight colors of the traditional Velcro(R)woven nylon sew-on hook and loop fasteners; black and white woven nylon pressure sensitive hook and loop fasteners; pre-cut circular pressure sensitive Velcoin(R)brand fasteners; One-wrap(R)brand self-gripping cable ties; Veltex(R)brand display fabric; and high-strength pressure sensitive molded hook tape. Over 100 items are available for same day shipment.

Velcro USA Inc., 406 Brown Ave., Manchester, NH 03108; FAX (603) 669-9271;

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Adhesive film

Dublfilm(R)SB857P is a double-coated, pressure-sensitive, adhesive film specifically engineered for difficult-to-bond substrates, such as low surface energy plastics, urethane foams, and rough or porous surfaces. The clear polypropylene film is reported to have good gap filling properties and good resistance to extreme environments. It is recommended for a variety of industrial assembly applications, including lamination to EPDM rubbers and urethane foams, difficult splicing applications, nameplate mounting, and attaching external or internal trim.

Scapa Tapes, 111 Great Pond Dr., Windsor, CT 06095; FAX (860) 688-7000;

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Miniature screws

These miniature self-tapping screws in stainless steel are suggested for use when mounting components to a printed circuit board. The self-tap- ping threads provide gripping in plated through-holes. Each part has a 0.09-inch diameter slotted head with a 0.035-inch diameter shaft and measures 0.165 inches long. The part has dimensions with tolerances held to within plus or minus 0.005 inches with shaft dimensions held to plus or minus 0.0019 inches. Reportedly, no burrs are allowed anywhere on the part.

Dejay Industries, 1701 Greenville Ave. Suite 1106, Richardson, TX 75081; FAX (972) 234-2490;

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Magnet bonding

The company's material 671 is reported to be the only structural adhesive that combines a fast cure at room temperature (30-60 secs) and gap filling ability-up to 0.2 inches. It is recommended for bonding magnets to frames in brush-type dc electric motors where gaps between the magnet and frame are common. Production rates can be increased when this material is used in place of slow curing, two-part, or heat-cured epoxies. It is 1:1 mixable, non-flammable, and reported to be environmentally friendly (100% solids).

Permabond, 480 South Dean St., Englewood, NJ 07631-6849; FAX (201) 567-3747;

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