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Standoffs Target Compact Electronics

Standoffs Target Compact Electronics

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New PEM(R) micro self-clinching standoff fasteners feature hardware for spacing or stacking applications in compact electronic assemblies. "These micro standoffs can serve as practical, cost-effective, and permanently secure solutions enabling quicker assembly of devices ranging from handheld consumer electronics to medical equipment, among others," says Jay McKenna, global product manager, New Products at PennEngineering.

PEM Type MSO4(TM) micro self-clinching standoffs are manufactured from 400 Series stainless steel and are engineered with threads as small as M1.0/#00 and in lengths as short as 2 mm (.080 inch). They can be installed into sheet metal (including 300 series stainless steel) as thin as 0.4 mm (.016 inch) with maximum hardness up to HRB 88 on the Rockwell "B" scale.
Standoffs Target Compact Electronics

The micro standoffs clinch permanently into place by pressing them into a properly sized mounting hole using a punch and anvil until the fastener's head is flush with the sheet. Upon installation, they become a permanent part of an assembly, will not loosen or fall out, and provide strong and reusable load-bearing threads. Installing them automatically can further reduce costs by accelerating production and eliminating any need to handle the small parts.

The MSO4 provides a new solution for the assembly of extremely small electronic packaging. Previously, weld or loose fasteners were the only method available to provide threaded fasteners in such small assemblies. This new clinch standoff offers significant improvements and cost savings versus welded standoffs.
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