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Plastics, Metals & Other Materials

Article-Plastics, Metals & Other Materials

Plastics, Metals & Other Materials

Acoustic material

Soundamp(R) is a family of noise attenuating metal laminate products based on the "constrained layered" vibration damping principal. The acoustic material can be used to replace standard homogenous metal panels, or formed parts, which require traditional additional sound insulation treatments. It consists of two outer sheet metal skins with a thin viscoelastic polymer inner layer and may be supplied in symmetrical and asymmetrical sheets or as fabricated finished parts.

Soundcoat Co.

Transparent adhesive

Araldite(R) 2026 is formulated to be a resilient, room temperature curing, transparent two-part polyurethane adhesive for transparent substrate bonding, such as polycarbonate, polymethyl methacrylate, 'perspex,' and glass. According to the company, it is water clear and temperature and UV resistant. Intended for applications where invisible joints are required, possible uses include signage, display cases, roofing, lenses, medical equipment, and decorative items.

Vantico Ltd.


Threadlockers 246 and 266 are specifically formulated for use in high temperature end-use environments. They reportedly exceed the temperature resistance of traditional liquid threadlockers by more than 70%. According to the company, they are single component, surface insensitive, fast-cure anaerobic adhesives that can withstand continuous exposures to temperatures as high as 260C over thousands of hours. They are intended for use in oily applications, and are said not to break down from long-term exposure to solvents such as gasoline, brake fluid, and ethanol.


Wafer carrier liner

Based on Victrex PEEK(TM)resin, this polycarbonate overmolded with a conductive specialty compound is used in Entegris Inc.'s KA250 Advanced Wafer Transport carrier. The compound reportedly offers dimensional stability with tensile strength of 17,500 psi (121 MPa) and tensile modulus of 1.6x10 6 psi (11,369 MPa); abrasion resistance; high continuous use temperature; and surface resistivity of 10 5 to 10 9 ohms/sq.


PEEK polymer

Used in vacuum tips that touch silicon wafers during the manufacturing process, this PEEK(TM)polymer is formulated not to transfer contaminant particles. According to the company, the carbon fiber reinforced material is appropriate for the semiconductor industry due to its purity, high temperature performance (500F/260C continuous service temperature), and chemical resistance.

Victrex USA Inc.

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