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PEM's StickScrew System

PEM's StickScrew System

The PEM(R) StickScrew(R) System for small-screw insertion has been re-engineered with a new lower-cost StickShooter(TM) driver, offering the capability to accommodate interchangeable nose assemblies and allow for quick tooling changeover. The self-contained system combines the lightweight air-powered driver with "sticks" of serially connected hex head screws enabling automatic screw installation without handling loose screws or driving them manually.

The StickScrew System promotes torque reliability (due to seating torque built into the screw), increased productivity, and safer screw insertion. The system can be up-and-running with minimal operator training.

Dozens of serially connected hex head screws are supplied in "sticks" with lengths of 12 inch. Screws install by inserting the stick in the driver, advancing the stick of screws, squeezing the trigger, and placing the tip of the rotating screw into the hole. The screw is then driven home and twists off cleanly when precise seating torque is achieved.

The standard, in-stock product line includes thread-cutting screws from #2-56 to #6-32 and M3 in 400 series stainless steel. Other available types and sizes include machine screws and thread-forming screws in a variety of materials, including steel, brass, and aluminum, and in thread sizes from #0-80 to #8-32 and M1 to M4. Screws can be plated, black oxidized, hardened, and otherwise customized to meet application requirements.

Detailed specifications (see PEM Bulletin SST) and video of the StickScrew System in action can be found at

PEM's StickScrew System
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