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New Potting Material Withstands Exposure to Harsh Chemicals

New Potting Material Withstands Exposure to Harsh Chemicals

Henkel Corp.'s Loctite E-40EXP is a two-component, room-temperature-curing epoxy potting compound designed to pass UL testing requirements for explosion-proof electric motors and maintain more than 85 percent of its compression strength following exposure to 13 harsh chemicals. Henkel developed this potting material in anticipation of the revised UL-674 requirements for potting and sealing compounds used in hazardous locations.

Used to pot and seal wire conduits, Loctite E-40EXP isolates the electric motor from hazardous vapors and chemicals that could cause an explosion. Clean and fast-curing, Loctite E-40EXP can be used in any size fitting, potting or sealing application. The material will not expand and experiences very little shrinkage, facilitating accurate dispensing.

Loctite E-40EXP is available either in user-friendly 2:1 static mix cartridges for easy dispensing or in bulk for high volume applications. This material cures in approximately 2 hours at room temperature and contains no carcinogens, ensuring worker safety.

In addition to motor applications, Loctite E-40EXP is suitable for assembling or repairing pumps, fans, lighting, electrical connectors, sensors and probes.

New Potting Material Withstands Exposure to Harsh Chemicals
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