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Laser-Cladding Boosts Cylinder Performance

Laser-Cladding Boosts Cylinder Performance

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Eatonite(TM) is a laser-cladding technology used to provide corrosion resistance to the rod of a hydraulic cylinder. A specially formulated powder is applied to the cylinder rod and metallurgically bonded.

There is minimal dilution on the rod material to provide the highest level of corrosion protection available. Dilution refers to the reduction of chemical concentration.
Laser-Cladding Boosts Cylinder Performance

"Laser cladding technologies were identified in the 1980s, but Eaton has advanced the technology to create a world-class coating with no imperfections, no variations in depth, no adhesion issues and a closed microstructure," says Eric Lai, product manager - XL Cylinders at Eaton.

To verify the quality of the cladding through the entire depth, Eaton has also developed a proprietary NDT (nondestructive testing) process.

Hydraulic cylinders are used in the power generation industry. Their functions include stabilizing oil rigs in choppy waters, rotating the turbine blades on a wind turbine in the heat of summer and the cold of winter, and regulating water flow of a hydro-electric dam in remote locations.

Exposure of a cylinder rod exposed to these harsh environments could lead to failure of the cylinder, and downtime of the equipment, costing up to $500,000 a day, according to Eaton.

Competing coating processes include high-velocity oxygen fuel thermal spray process, plasma spray and electroplating.
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