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Two-part adhesives will bond for new uses

The toughened epoxy line of 3M(TM)Scotch-Weld(TM)Adhesives boasts four new additions of the high-shear and -peel strength combinations, for bonding many types of metal, plastic, rubber, and glass. DP-420 Black provides color matching or increased visibility during use, along with controlled flow and a 20-minute worklife. DP-460 Off-white offers these strengths along with a 60-minute worklife. DP-460 Non-sag can be applied to vertical surfaces without running, has a 60-minute worklife, and achieves handling strength after 4-6 hours at room temperature (it cures immediately at high temperatures). And for repositioning of large parts, DP-4XL offers 5-6 hours of worklife, gaining handling strength after 24 hours at room temperature (it also cures immediately at high temperature).

Welding electrode is designed for long life

The newest addition to American Torch Tip Co.'s Long Lasting(R)electrodes is the Blue Mark(TM), a high-endurance part that can produce 50 more pierces than comparable parts. The secret of the new design is a set of "cooling flutes" which allow air to travel to the head of the electrode, cooling the tip and eliminating the moisture build-up and internal arcing that shorten electrode life. It is designed as a replacement for welding systems using the Max 100(R).

American Torch Tip Co.

Weld-bonding passes the test

A new Fusor metal-bonding adhesive recently passed a rear impact crash test that measures fuel-tank integrity under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 301. Called Fusor 108B/109B (Bondline Control), the adhesive was applied to the quarter panel of a 1991 Mercury Sable in a weld-bonding procedure that combines a structural adhesive with resistance spot welding. The adhesive formulation includes glass-beads to create a uniform bondline thickness independent of clamping techniques, notes Jim Perritt, Lord Corp.'s manager for the auto-and-truck repair market. According to a report from MGA Research Corp. (Burlington, WI), the firm that conducted the crash test, the weld-bonded quarter panel allowed no fuel leakage, bond failures, or panel separation during the crash tests. "The procedure proves to be an effective alternative to MIG welding," the report states. What's more, the test marks the first time a structural adhesive has met DaimlerChysler's weld-bonding specifications, Perritt adds.

Plasma torch slices through steel

New from Hypertherm Inc. is the HySpeed HT4400 plasma cutting system, designed to slice through 1/2-inch mild steel at 160 ipm (inches per minute), or cut 1-inch steel at 65 ipm. This 400-A dry oxygen plasma cutting system has a single-source power supply.

More gaskets on demand

To address a wider variety of automotive applications, four new materials have been added to the FastGasket line of cured-in-place silicone gaskets. "Now we can seal just about everything," says Loctite's Dave Carbone, citing headlamps, trunk locks, oil pans, circuit boards and electric motors, and engine components as just a few examples. The new materials were introduced at the recent Society of Automotive Engineers Congress in Detroit. FastGasket 5963 is a gray, one- component material with high fluid and heat resistance for sealing tansaxle pans, valve covers, waterpumps, radiators, and other powertrain components. FastGasket 5964, a brown, one-component material, has a low durometer and high elongation for use in anti-lock brake modules, timing belt covers, and connectors. FastGasket 5965, is a black, one-component, water-resistant foam that doubles in size during the microwave cure. It's intended to fill large gaps and provide dampening in plastic housings-such as HVAC ductwork-and in electronic components.FastGasket 5966-a red, two-component system-brings fuel-resistant capabilities to applications such as cam covers, fuel injectors, intake manifolds, fuel lines and other aromatic fuel environments.

PC board assembly conveyor belt

For assembling and handling personal computer boards, Crown Simplimatic makes the CIMTRAK Edge Belt Conveyor. The device is designed for double-sided board assembly, featuring reliable stepper motors instead of dc motors and through-shafts. And its zero-clearance design provides added safety, preventing thin PCMCIA boards from getting jammed during processing.

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