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Available in five models

The latest product line from Miner Elastomer Products Corp. is the TecsPak(R) Micro Bumper line, offering high-performance kinetic energy absorption in a smaller mass than other technologies. Ten times more durable than rubber and 20 times tougher than urethane, Tec-sPak features a performance/mass ratio that makes the micro bumpers suited for mechanisms requiring a smaller size and weight. TecsPak, which can be molded, drilled, sized, shaped, and milled to meet performance criteria, comes in hundreds of standard sizes and custom configurations. Miner Elastomer Products Corp.


Optically clear

The AngstomBond AB9053 from Fiber Optic Center was designed for bonding a multitude of optical components including lenses, prisms, and quartz windows. With a low refractive index of 1.41, this adhesive can bond to glass, ceramic, plastic, and most metals. It also has the ability to withstand temperatures up to 200C. AB9053, which has a cure time as short as 1 sec, is supplied in 3-cc syringes but can be ordered in other sizes. Fiber Optic Center Inc.


Excellent flexibility

Designed to bond to a wide range of materials including ceramics, metals, plastics, quartz, and friction materials, Aremco-Bond(TM) 570 is a single-component, high-temperature contact adhesive that can resist thermal shock, chemical corrosion, and water immersion. Available in pint, quart, gallon, and 5-gallon pails, Aremco-Bond 570 can withstand temperatures up to 600F after a brief curing process and exhibits a strength of 2,100 psi. The adhesive can be spread with a plastic applicator or by an automatic dispense system. Aremco Products


Non-UL high-temperature tapes

The CHR(R) Brand K-201 and K-202 Polyimide Film provides flexible resistance to chemicals, abrasion, contamination, and high temperature. Its silicone adhesives can operate between -100 and 500F. Both the K-201 and K-202 are good for competitive PCB finger masking applications as well as appliance powder coating applications. The tapes are available in master logs of 39 inches by 36 yards, or in cut rolls with widths between .25 inch and 39 inches by 36 yards. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics


Miniature in size

Designed to provide a more reliable hold against vibration than available chemical products that could be messy and uncontrollable, NYLOK BLUE(R) is a miniature, self-locking patch as small as #00 and M1.0. NYLOK BLUE(R)'s self-locking process causes a nylon patch to be permanently sprayed onto the threads of a fastener. The nylon material retains its locking properties at temperatures up to 250F, allowing the fasteners to be readjusted and reused. Nylok Corp.


For industrial bonding applications

The PAM PowerLine(R), designed for medium-volume applications in which a stick glue gun may be too small but a bulk tank unit is too large, is a line of handheld adhesive applicators. A LED digital control panel controls adhesive temperature and power functions. Weighing in at 3 lbs and using 600W of power, the unit automatically reduces the temperature by 104F if it is idle for 30 minutes. Available with quick-changing nozzles and custom tips designed for specific applications, the unit works well in the packaging, automotive, electrical, furniture, and textile industries. PAM Fastening

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