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Fastening, Joining & Assembly

Fastening, Joining & Assembly

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MaxAir.10 enclosure includes a stainless steel inject/eject plate, intended for durability in areas of more than 616 connector pins, needing 462N insertion force. Designed for aerospace, military, and telecommunications applications, it features an aluminum cardframe system that facilitates the slot position airflow. The enclosure meets IEEE1101.10 specifications, EIA/IEC rack mount standards, and MIL-Specs for shock/vibration.

Triple E, Enter 619

Solder cream

Multicore(R) CR32 is a lead-free, no-clean solder cream used in high-volume production processes, as in fine pitch stencil printing at a rate of up to 150 mm/sec. No cleaning is required, due to the non-corrosive, post-soldering residue that is produced. According to the company, the product provides good open time and tack performance, high slump resistance, and low solder balling.

Loctite, Enter 620

Lever latch

This flush-mounted lever latch is made for fast installation. To install, users insert the lever latch into the mounting opening and screw it in place. The latch includes an integrated lever and pawl, used to automatically unlatch the door. The system can be made compatible with different door depths by adjusting the pawl screw.

Dirak, Enter 621

Data cables

The UL-approved Chainflex CF211 and CF240 cables, operating in data transmission applications, are designed with a low-adhesion PVC-based outer jacket, short-pitch conductor twisting for long cable life, and high flexural strength shielding. Used with bus systems, CF211 consists of a twisted pair data cable with high-coverage shield. CF240 shielded data cable also has a high-coverage shield and a minimum bend radius of 12 times the cable diameter.

igus Inc., Enter 622

Gasket tape

GORE-TEX(R) Series 300 gasket tape, used for sealing large-diameter steel piping and equipment, reportedly provides a conformable, compressible seal for damaged or irregular flanges. According to the company, the tape tolerates temperatures from -450 to 600F, resists most chemicals, and reduces long lead times and gasket inventories. Tape comes in four widths and thicknesses of 1.6 mm and 3.2 mm.

W.L. Gore & Associates, Enter 623

CR geometry

Unidrill(R) CR geometry is designed to improve chip control and reduce power consumption in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, high temperature alloy, aluminum, and non-ferrous alloy applications. V-shaped splitters eliminate stress points and increase tool life. Corner radii reportedly minimize exit burrs, improve heat dissipation, and improve surface finish.

Stellram, Enter 624


These Micrometer Torque Wrenches feature the Big Dawg(TM) rachet head with 6.8 degrees articulation for tight-space applications. The first bi-material ergonomic grip in the industry resists degradation from water, greases and oils. Fewer parts mean lower calibration drift more comfort, a low-profile head, less articulation, and slip resistance.

Stanley-PROTO Industrial Tools, Enter 625

Electronic cabinets

The company's "Heavy Duty" line of vertical racks and sloped front consoles are designed for shock and vibration by meeting Mil-Std 810D and Mil-Std 901 standards. Requiring no gaskets, standard models hold more than 3,000 pounds of electronic equipment and still meet FCC/VDE standards. Models are available with a depth range from 17 to 36 inches, panel widths of 24 and 30 inches, and 37 panel heights up to 84 inches.

Equipto Electronics, Enter 626

Roll marking unit

The Mite-E-Roll(TM) is a high-speed pneumatic roll marking unit, available in three different models. One model is designed for parts from 1/8 to .50-inch diameter; another unit is for parts from .50 to 1-inch diameter; and a third unit is for parts with a diameter from 1-2 inches. The units, working alone as an individual machine or as part of a manufacturing system, roll mark round parts at a rate of 4,000 parts per hour.

Columbia Marking Tools, Enter 627

Twin-lead screws

The company's rolled twin-lead screws with nuts are intended for use in molding, robotic, packaging, food processing, and assembly applications. PowerTrac(TM) Precision and Standard Rolled Twin-Lead Ball Screws are available in 15 sizes, with 0.001 inch/foot lead accuracy. Power ac(TM) Rolled Twin-Lead Acme Screws, in 17 sizes, have no wedging, due to a centralized 2C thread form. Nook Rolled Twin-Lead Screws claim 0.0002-0.0003 inch/foot lead accuracy.

Nook Industries, Enter 628

Boring system

Multifunction II, the Graflex(R) modular boring system, features A750 universal style, high rigidity for more productivity, and a single dial adjustment and master setting block for simultaneous blade setting. Boring system also has identical insert holders for symmetrical use and a raised insert holder to reduce setup time and provide consistent stagger boring. Boring heads are available in eight sizes.

Carboloy Inc., Enter 629


The Gortrac(R) SRC and LRC Series carriers feature a lightweight, high strength design with corrosion-resistant metal links for reportedly easy repair and replacement of hoses and cables. Low weight aluminum bars and link heights up to 4 inches make the carriers suitable for large loads on construction equipment, aerial devices, injection molding machines, and machine tools.

A&A Manufacturing Co. Inc., Enter 630

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