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Fastening, Joining, & Assembly

Fastening, Joining, & Assembly

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Vinyl compounds

The Vidux(R) carbon black-filled compounds are designed for electronics manufacturing, textile mills, hospitals, and audio systems. Compounds include three extrusion grades with volume resistivities from 2.5 to 8.5 ohm-cm and Shore A Hardness ratings of 76 to 91, as well as an injection molding grade with 6.4 ohm-cm volume resistivity and Shore A Hardness of 93. Made for applications requiring electromagnetic shielding or static discharge, they are used in grounding, flooring, shielding, and cable jacketing. Teknor Apex, Enter 624


Compared to many injection molded gears which vary in size due to internal stresses and moisture absorption, precision machined Power-Core gears provide consistent, smooth-running operation at reduced torque. Uniform Power-Core material will not distort or change size, so individual gears can be interchanged easily without matching pre-existing gears for a uniform fit, whereas injection molded gears may need to be matched to other gears in order to function. Gears are machined from an inert, stress-free, nonhygroscopic material. Intech Corp., Enter 625

Ceramic fiber

The system produces fibers using an aqueous process based on cellulose fiber technology. After thermal processing, diameters range from 5 to 250 microns and the fibers can be semi-continuous up to several meters in length, or chopped. Fiber cross section can be lobed, round, hollow, or flat. An innovation permits variable diameter fibers, which reduce fiber pull out in composites. Advanced Cerametrics Inc., Enter 626

Elastomeric compound

The elastomeric compound, Xyfluor(TM), offers a combination of good chemical resistance and low temperature properties to meet the needs of medical diagnostics and analysis equipment. It incorporates chemical resistance similar to traditional perfluoroelastomers, but retains flexibility at temperatures from -76F to 450F. Compatible with common medical and laboratory solvents, Xyfluor withstands steam autoclave sterilization and exhibits low sealing forces. Greene, Tweed & Co., Enter 627

Metallized film

Available in 'hospital blue' on one side and radiant silver on the other, Chase Fabrilam(TM) is a deeply embossed metallized film lamination designed for products needing a radiant barrier. Made of a latex-free, FDA-approved solventless adhesive, the film reportedly may be sewn or heat-sealed, and laminated to other substrates. Applications include window treatments, disposable medical garments, and patient warming and emergency blankets. Chase Corp., Enter 628


The company's line of plastic products includes Peek(TM), Ultem, and blended Delrin AF stock shapes for fabricated parts, all stress relieved to allow for close tolerances and stable dimensions. Made of 100% virgin resins from Victrex and GE, PEEK and Ultem products come in unreinforced and 30% glass filled formations. Delrin AF products have 13% fibrous PTFE for wear and friction properties. Sustaplast Inc., Enter 629


The TUFSIL(R) silicone rubber line reportedly was designed for component manufacturing of tubing, respiratory masks, parts in contact with skin, and parts used in the food processing and health care industries. Offering a Shore A hardness range from 30 to 80 durometer, the silicone rubber may be cured with a platinum-based catalyst, providing a tight surface cure and low surface tack. Specialty Silicone Products, Enter 630

Automotive flooring

Altara(TM) is a line of floor surfaces for the automotive industry, including tonals, solids, natural aesthetics, and metallic lusters. The products use a range of DuPont nylon 6,6 fibers. According to the company, the line of flooring choices is not constrained to one fiber type, and instead combines fiber technology with styling. DuPont Automotive, Enter 631

Polycarbonate film

Makrofol(R) DPF 5026, a clear flame-retardant film, is the latest addition to the company's line of Makrofol polycarbonate films. Offering a flammability rating of UL94 V-O, the film has a velvet first surface, a matte second surface, and a thickness range from 0.010 to 0.020 inches. The film's high light transmission and low yellowness index make it suitable for nameplates, trade show displays, and electrical insulation. Bayer Corp., Enter 632


Dynaflex(R) G2706 thermoplastic elastomer compound, an alternative to latex or other thermoset rubbers, reportedly offers resilience, elongation, and good tensile strength for medical products. Intended for USP XIX class IV certified uses, it contains no phthalates, nitrosamines, or PVC. Applications include medical tubing, earplugs, vial stoppers, gaskets and seals, O-rings, and syringe tips and bulbs. GLS Corp., Enter 633

Heat resistant coating

Santel Toridex, a reformulated aqueous resin and coating, offers heat resistance under high temperatures and sealing pressures, when dried. The coating is grease and oil resistant, making it a suitable film-former for use in folding box, flexible packaging, and other converting applications. It may be used without mixing or diluting, and works with infrared or oven dryers. ADM Tronics, Enter 634

Flame retardant film

FlameX(TM) film is a color-specific flame retardant film that uses pigment additives to match it to PMS color specifications. The film features a range of gauges, colors, and roll widths, and meets UL 181 standards for consistency and FMVSS 302 requirements for fire safety design. Applications include automobiles, furniture, building supplies, and aviation equipment. Plassein International, Enter 635

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