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Gadget Freak Case #126: Talking to Your Gadgets Remotely

Gadget Freak Case #126: Talking to Your Gadgets Remotely

Want to turn on your home's heating system before you arrive? Would you like to double check your home alarm from your car - or your car alarm from your home? Alvaro Mautone created a gadget that allows you to use your cell phone to control appliances and alarms from a distance up to 500m. Mautone uses the serial port in his cell phone to create SMS (short message service) messages to electronic devices to turn them on, turn them off or simply check their status. And he's able to create this handy device while spending less than $50 in components.


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Gadget Freak Case 126 Talk to Gadgets Remotely


Amt Part Description Allied Part #
1 Microchip 16F628A 383-0400
1 Crystal Oscillator 895-0604
4 Resistor R1, R4, R6, R11 296-4663
1 Resistor R2 296-4675
1 Resistor R3 296-2182
2 Resistor R5, R8 296-2124
1 Resistor R7 296-2181
2 Resistor R9, R10 296-4682
1 Resistor R12 648-0093
3 Transistor Q1, Q2, Q3 431-0470
1 Relay K1 SPDT 788-1096
1 JP1 Jumper Connector 518-0071
4 Diode D1, D2, D6, D8 950-0212
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