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Latch Lines Expand

Latch Lines Expand

Dirak USA, Chantilly, VA, has announced an expansion of its E-Line of latch products, introduced just last year.

New E-Line software contains a user interface to open E-Line Swinghandles. The software opens, closes, activates, and deactivates the Swinghandles, supervises access, monitors status, and records all events involving the Swinghandles and stores the data in an SQL database.

Requiring Windows 2000 to operate, the software enables an administrator to assign access codes, HID cards, and active keys to users, as well as assigning access to handles. The company says applications include central supervision of Swinghandles, summarizing several gateways and Swinghandles, and recording events.

Dirak USA also introduced the Active Key for allowing access to E-Line wireless Swinghandles. It's an active transponder, with a passive transponder as a backup in case of battery failure. The holder doesn't have to take any action-the transponder opens a door that matches the key's code. Security personnel can customize access for different key holders.

The device has a dual-frequency capability, with a choice of either 868 MHz or 913 MHz for the active mode, or 125kHz for the passive mode. There is a groove for a key ring, and the battery lasts about three years.

Reading range is up to 70 cm.

Dirak USA President Armin Fink says his company is the first to offer the security tool.

Dirak's Active Key opens doors with a transponder.
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