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Information everywhere you look

Information everywhere you look

How many times have you turned to the Internet to find information today?

Chances are that, whatever the number, it's more than last year, and quite a bit more than the year before.

No doubt about it--the Internet has become a sort of destination retreat for engineers and others looking for information on new products, such as tools, components, and materials.

Recognizing that fact, we continue to innovate on our Website, Already, we have 16 different market and technology channels updated daily where you can get specific information tailored to your needs. And, within those channels, we have our "Ask the expert" service, where you can get specific advice on everything from CAD to seals.

Now, we are inaugurating an e-mail newsletter on engineering plastics. The first issue is out this month, and it contains original content on products and trends not reported elsewhere. The newsletter will come out twice a month, in between issues of Design News.

There is also a new page with links to engineering-job websites, and, coming in July, a careers page and selector guides and association listings by channel. You'll also find more technical papers and videos, regular updates to the "OEM Directory," including the new listings of consultants--and the entire content of every issue of the magazine going back to 1995.

Additionally, Cahners Business Information has updated its Supply Chain Link, The new and expanded site features industry-specific news, new products, events, and association links. There are also special reports on critical manufacturing issues, and daily news from LEXIS-NEXIS.

The goal: to provide you the information you need wherever you turn.

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