Wellness Engineering

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September 22, 2003

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Wellness Engineering

Rapid DNA Testing Using Biodetect- BioDetect Technology:Integrated Nano-Technologies LLC has developed promising technology that is now entering a full-scale testing phase. The first BioDetect analyzer is a self-contained unit available for attachment to an external PC or with embedded processing electronics. This engineered prototype is undergoing extensive testing by the company and selected third-party test sites. And, according to the company, a smaller, lighter production device will begin shipping in early 2004.

The Heat is On- Their job -tougher than cooking porridge -was to design a temperature control (TC)instrument that could be used during arthroscopic surgery. Arthroscopic surgery often means scraping away that which doesn't belong inside knees, shoulders, and other joints. But sometimes, instead of a scalpel, surgeons use heat. In what 's called thermal modification surgery, performed with the aid of an arthroscope, a TC instrument is applied to shrink a ligament and restore normal operation to a joint.

Machine Tests Toxic Potential of Cigarettes and Their Additives- There are many questions that surround the tobacco smoke or health controversy. For example: How can a safer cigarette be engineered? What additives are safe to use in cigarettes? How much of an additive is acceptable? How does a smoker avoid harm when he or she chooses to smoke? What information should they look for? Since tobacco smoke is harmful anyway, what makes it bad for some people but not so bad for others? Although tobacco smoke's hazards may not be of interest to everyone, especially those who do not smoke, the way to engineer the toxicity analysis of cigarette smoke and the contribution of tobacco additives within cigarettes to their health risk are real concerns, not to mention big business. The importance of the answers to these questions to the public's health cannot be ignored.

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