Weidmuller's WAVE TTA Analog Signal Conditioner

DN Staff

April 10, 2010

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Weidmuller's WAVE TTA Analog Signal Conditioner

Weidmuller's Wave TTA (Transmitter/Trip Amplifier) is asingle channel, DIN-rail mounted, universal input signal isolator, converter,transmitter, linearizer and trip-amplifier. It is extremely accurate andsuitable for a wide range of process applications. In a single electronics package, suppliedwith free configuration software. It takes the complexity out of thepotentially demanding issues regarding input/output scalability. TTA'sfeature-set supports all common temperature sensors, accepts frequency and dcinputs, and can be user-customized allowing for custom linearization. Featuring both analog and relay outputs, withoperating temperatures from -40 and 158F, and universal ac/dc powering meansthe Wave TTA can be installed almost anywhere. TTA functionality simplifies thedesigners job by reducing the variety of conditioning devices needed for aproject, and reduces installation costs because it does not need to be poweredfrom a dc power supply. Easily accessible testing points help simplify andreduce commissioning time/cost by allowing input/output signal current testingwithout cable removal. For the plant engineer, one Wave TTA will cover manyconditioning needs, so inventory is minimized. In the event of an intelligenttransmitter/actuator failure, this one device allows the engineer to use astandard field device which can be easily replaced rather than speciallyreconfiguring the transmitter/actuator.

For more information: http://www.weidmuller.com/new_products

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