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April 10, 2010

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ViseNut is a rapid attaching/detaching nut that savestremendous time and effort in virtually every bolting operation, particularlywhere threaded members are long, bent, rusted or damaged. Unlike other technologies the Visenutdesign is not prone to debris interfering with its mechanism. Visenut trulyZips on and Off in real field applications.Thepatented ViseNut combines two simple machines, the screw and the wedge, into athread capturing vise grip. ViseNut starts at the end because it engages onlyto load at the flange face, gliding over all prior threads. For use withoffshore, pipeline and plant fabricators; sub sea construction and maintenance;nuclear power maintenance safety; and wind power. ViseNuts are available in allstandard diameter and thread sizes. The ATF size of the Visenut is one sizelarger than the standard nut to accommodate its special engineered features.

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