Transducers Direct's TD1000 Digital Circuit Pressure Transducer

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April 10, 2010

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Transducers Direct's TD1000 Digital Circuit Pressure Transducer

The TD1000 is a revolutionary New Industrial PressureTransducer utilizing the change in "Time" instead of a change of voltage acrossstrain gauge sensing elements to sense pressure, an industry first, accordingto the company. The TD1000 can also have a built-in programmable digital alarmset-point for either pressure or temperature in conjunction to industrialstandard analog outputs, Industry First! The unit has built-in sensorredundancy in case one element fails the transducer continues to run tominimize machine down-time, Industry First! The TD1000 combines an IP69Kconnection and a compensated range nearly matching the operating temperaturerange along with high accuracy and low cost. With analog circuitry intransducers/sensors, it is difficult to amplify a low level signal without alsoamplifying the noise, as with strain gauges. Filters are required adding costand signal delays. By utilizing a TDC (Time to Digital Converter), internalupdates in the 100 micro-second range are realized providing higher accuracyplus the inherent advantages of digital circuit design. Because of theinnovative design and very low power consumption it's ideal for wirelessapplications and can run more than five years on a single coin-cell battery.Redundant sensing elements are cost prohibited with analog designs but simpleand low cost with TDC designs. The significant difference with this transduceris sensing the change of resistance with time instead of voltage change. Byvery accurately measuring (in the pico-second range) the discharge of capacitorsacross the sensing elements via a TDC (Time to Digital Converter) ASIC, keepsthe signal in the digital world until it goes through the D/A converter for thefinal output to the outside world. By utilizing this technology/approach youalso have a transducer that its pressure range and output are fullyprogrammable, which reduces inventory costs, and provides a stable, highaccuracy signal without noise concerns typical with analog circuitry.

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