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Payscale has released new data that ranks the top engineering schools based on early- and mid-career salaries.

Rob Spiegel

April 27, 2023

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Payscale notes that engineering schools usually win top marks in the company’s College Salary Report. Engineering graduates leave school with a specific, applicable set of skills that are in demand. And given the shortage of engineers in industrial North America, employers are willing to pay top dollar for even new graduates. While starting salaries are impressive, even more important, mid-level salaries are nearly double starting salaries.

Some of the most famous engineering schools in the United States are on the list, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the United States Naval Academy, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Carnegie-Mellon University.

For the report, engineering schools are defined as any school (public or private) that grants more than 50 percent of its undergraduate degrees in math, sciences, computer science, and engineering majors. To compare apples to apples, Payscale measures salaries based on those who hold bachelor’s degrees.

To take engineering salaries a bit deeper, we’ve included a YouTube video by Shane Hummus that breaks down engineering salaries by discipline.


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