SAE '99 International Congress and Exposition

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February 15, 1999

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SAE '99 International Congress and Exposition

The 1999 SAE International Congress & Exposition addresses all technical and business disciplines, introducing hundreds of products from more than 1,100 global suppliers and disseminating information through more than 250 information-packed sessions.

This year's theme: Value For Our World: The Innovation Challenge will be addressed at a Blue Ribbon Panel open-debate forum scheduled for March 1st from 4 to 6 p.m. in room W1-W5 of Cobo Center."We all want to be at the forefront of innovation, but achieving a leadership position is a substantial undertaking," says David E. Cole, noted industry analyst and director, Office for the Study of Automotive Transportation, University of Michigan. Cole plans to ask the panel questions that address problems and challenges confronting the automotive industry.

The panel consists of Herbert Demel, president of Volkswagon do Brasil; Hubertus von Grunberg, chairmen of the executive board, Continental AG; Kunihiko Masaki, president, Toyota Technical Center USA Inc.; Arvin F. Mueller, vice president and group executive, GM Powertrain, General Motors Corp; and Lee A. Sage, global leader of automotive industry services, Ernst & Young LLP.

Presentations at the show will span technical subjects such as automobile body, manufacturing engineering, passenger car design, powerplant, materials, heat exchangers, fuels and lubricants, and environment.

The show will also address topics such as fuel cell power for transportation, heavy-duty coolants and cooling systems, information and knowledge management for better decisions, discovering the ways and means to emerging technologies, light truck and van powerplant and drivetrain technology, future powerplants, and human factors.

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The One-Pass SystemTM robotic cleaning process wipes away oil, fluids, and grime from flange surfaces of automotive components with a continuous flow of felt cloth wetted in a cleaning fluid. This automated device can handle problems that restrict applications of RTV silicone and anaerobic formed-in-place gaskets on transmissions, engines, and axle housings. Computer-driven servo motors transport a continuous band of reinforced felt past a cleaning tip, moving the wetted material to 10 inches/sec over the flange surface.
Loctite Corp.
Automotive Technical Center
Booth 2560
5600 Crooks Rd.Troy, MI 48098


PEMSERTER(R) Series 2000TM fully automatic precision fastener-installation press features the LIGHTSTREAMTM safety system and programmable robotics. Other products includes PEM(R) AUTOSPEC(R) self-clinching fasteners and SI(R) threaded inserts for plastics. SI inserts are for plastic-assembly applications where durable, permanent-mount, and reusable threads are required.
Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp.
Booth 349
Box 1000
Danboro, PA 18916
FAX (215) 766-0143

Belt-drive system

Turbo Module 2GE belt-drive system is for applications where performance characteristics demand a self-supporting travel module with a combination of high load and high speed. Module 2GE offers dynamic load capacities to 12,500 lb, moment capacities to 7,900 Nm, and repeatability better than 0.2 mm at speeds to 3m/sec. The system is targeted for use with gantry systems, pick-and-place robotics, parts loading, and water-jet cutting applications.
Thomson Industries Inc.
Booth 20
2 Channel Dr.
Port Washington, NY 11050
FAX (516) 883-9039


M1 push-to-close latch accommodates door misalignment in three planes and stores flush. The self-adjusting version features special interlocking serrations on the spring-loaded pawl and the keeper to accommodate grip variations. The latch can also be specified with either of two keepers. One accommodates a flush door and frame configuration; the other is designed for overlapping doors. The latch is also available in a fixed-grip style with a straight pawl, which is targeted for perpendicular door/frame configurations, but can be used on vertical installations.
Booth 1176
Brinton Lake Rd.
Concordville, PA 19331
FAX (610) 361-6314

Retaining rings

On-line training site for retaining rings and related products includes segments such as Design Considerations, a guide to designing a retaining ring into an application; and How to identify a retaining ring, a step-by-step process for identifying a ring using a micrometer/caliper and catalog. Another section, Materials/Finishes/Codes, offers an index to the different materials and finishes used to make retaining rings. This section also provides the features of each.
Rotor Clip Co. Inc.
187 Davidson Ave.
Somerset, NJ 08875
FAX (732) 469-7333

Rapid-prototyping system

FDM2000 rapid-prototyping system is based on fused-deposition modeling technology. The system builds models to 254 3 254 3 254 mm, within plus or minus 127 mm accuracy, and in a variety of materials, including ABS, medical-grade ABS, and investment casting wax. With ABS, users can create functional prototypes for testing and final design verification. QuickSlice 4.1 operating software provides users with the ability to control build parameters and as a result helps the FDM2000 achieve enhanced part feature definition and surface finish.
Stratasys Inc.
Booth 5017
14950 Martin Dr.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
FAX (612) 937-0070


Self-lubricating fluoropolymer bearings have metal backing of carbon steel, stainless steel for corrosive applications, or aluminum for weight reduction. The fluoropolymer bearing material is soft enough to handle backlash-free interference fits with minimal stick slip and a low coefficient of friction. Other features include an operating temperature range of -200 to 260C, low thermal expansion, no water absorption, electrical conductivity, and silent operation.
Norton Performance Plastics
Booth 1667
150 Dey Rd.
Wayne, NJ 07470


High-strain MPC(R) moldable phenolic composite material is for molding components that must endure high heat cycling and high stress and resist cracking. This glass-reinforced plastic is for molding powertrain and electric motor components.
Rogers Corp.
Molding Materials Div.
Booth 415
Box 550
Manchester, CT 06045
FAX (860) 649-2389

Link ball products

Aluminum-alloy link ball products are made from an alloy that has nearly double the tensile strength of common die-cast aluminum. The link balls are targeted for automotive applications requiring the light weight of aluminum. Other products include high-strength zinc alloy balls that provide wear and corrosion resistance.
THK America Inc.
Booth 451
200 E. Commerce Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173
FAX (847) 310-1182


Gold and Sterling Series of the FaroArm portable measurement arm provide accuracy ranges from plus or minus 0.0010 to plus or minus 0.0047 inch and the Sterling series ranges in accuracy from plus or minus 0.0020 to plus or minus 0.0066 inch, depending on the arm's length. Available sizes include 4, 6, 8, and 10-ft arms in each series, and a Gold series 12-ft model.
FARO Technologies Inc.
Booth 3034
125 Technology Park
Lake Mary, FL 32746
FAX (407) 333-4181

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