ROSS CONTROLS' Size 2 Cat-4 Double Valve

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August 16, 2010

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ROSS CONTROLS' Size 2 Cat-4 Double Valve

ROSSCONTROLS' new compact 2DM2(R) Series D valve is the latestaddition to ROSS' press application double valve family. The 100 percentdynamically monitored valve has complete memory, is control-reliable andCategory-4 rated for press clutch/brake applications.

TheDM2 SeriesD products integrate memory, monitoring and air flow functions into twoidentical valve elements. In the event of asynchronous valve element movementduring actuation or de-actuation, the DM2Series D valves will lock out,resulting in less than 1 percent residual outlet pressure, inhibiting furtheroperation of the press.

Forenhanced safety, DM2 SeriesD valves were designed so that removing and reapplying air pressure cannotreset the valve. A variety of fault reset options are provided (remote airsignal, optional integrated electrical/solenoid, or manual), all of whichrequire overt action per ANSI, EN and many other global regulations.

TheDM2 SeriesD family offers patented dirt-tolerant, wear-compensating poppet design whichprovides quick response and high flow capacity. To ensure long service life andsure shifting capability in potentially harsh environments, the valve has Teflon-coatedback-up rings on its pistons (non-lube service standard, inline lubrication acceptable).

Thevalve is base-mounted, available with BSPP or NPT pipe threads and was designedwith inlet and outlet ports on both sides (plugs included for unused ports).The size 2 valve offers a 3/2 normally closed valve function and is availablein 1/4 or 3/8 inch port sizes.

ROSS CONTROLS' Size 2 Cat-4 Double Valve

ROSS CONTROLS' Size 2 Cat-4 Double Valve_A

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