Rogers Assoc. Machine Tool Corp.'s TW 510X2©

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April 10, 2010

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Rogers Assoc. Machine Tool Corp.'s TW 510X2©

TheTW 510X2 is designed to wrap composite tape materials around a mandrel, whichwill subsequently be removed after curing to form a finished composite tube.Two tapes can simultaneously be wrapped, each with independent tension andapplication angle adjustments. The ability to infinitely adjust the wrap anglein three axis facilitates wrinkle free evenly tensioned wrap layers. Propercompaction of mandrel-wrapped composites is absolutely essential to the qualityof the finished product. Many of the machines previously on the market did notprovide sufficiently accurate control of laypitch, nor compensation for tapetwist. The TW 510X2 allows greaterflexibility in low-quantity production, and greater repeatability for massproduction. Better manufacturing freesdesign engineers to develop more innovative products. Active feedback providesaccurate, independent control of compaction pressure on both reelssimultaneously. The servo drive system maintains a uniform, programmable laypitch across the entire speed range, even during ramp-up or ramp-down. And theunique, separately pivoting heads allow for zero - or a specific- angle oftwist on the tapes during wrapping, eliminating wrinkles and pockets.

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