Programmable, personalized CAM

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February 21, 2000

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Programmable, personalized CAM

ESPRIT 2000 is a new version of a customizable computer-aided manufacturing program from DP Technology (Camarillo, CA) that will be launched in March, featuring improvements such as its milling, cutting tool support, C- and Y-axis turning, wire EDM, and solid modeling capabilities.

As "fully native" Windows(R)-compatible CAM, it offers designers the freedom to customize the program to their specific needs, or enhance it with software add-ons using Microsoft's Visual Basic(R) technology, says Chuck Mathews, vice president of DP Technology.

One customer might add a program to translate drawings from a legacy CAM system, while another customer might automate the flow of data from the design software to the machine tools, or use an online parts catalog to assemble complex models simply by entering the correct part numbers.

Aimed at CNC and production machining customers, customizing ESPRIT does require a certain degree of programming ability. At its simplest level, about 80% of users can arrange the menus and icons on their own desktops, Mathews says. For more complicated tasks, a savvy user can create customized macros to automate any task, using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), Microsoft's standard macro-writing language. And finally, sophisticated third-party developers can use Standalone Visual Basic to write their own "add-ons," and then sell those programs back to DP Technology so they can become part of a library of abilities for ESPRIT. The process is similar to Netscape's "plug-ins." The new add-ons can secure seamless parts of a customized program.

For information on ESPRIT 2000, contact DP Technology, 1150 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012; Tel. (805) 388-6000;

, orCircle 570


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