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June 4, 2001

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Products News

Visualization and markup software

AutoVue 15.4 is visualization and markup software that now includes support for formats including both 2D and 3D files from Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA, Unigraphics, Autodesk, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, and SolidDesigner. As a native (non-conversion) tool, it allows the user to do 3D markup/redlining, perform measurements and calculations, and even determine properties such as mass, volume, and center of gravity for any model.

Cimmetry Systems Inc.,

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Machine vision software

HexSight version 3.0 is machine vision software designed for applications in automating robot guidance and parts inspection. Improved features include an ability to locate even complex images in adverse lighting. The software uses parts' geometries to identify their contours and find them in a field of view, even with overlapping or touching parts.

Adept Technology,

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Web-enabled collaboration

CONFEROS' Product Sync is a web-based, collaborative product development tool for the plastics industry. Early adopters include custom processors, raw materials suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and OEMs. The pro-duct allows all design chain members to communicate outside the corporate firewall, including customers, suppliers, partners, and the internal product team.


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Document management software

Kruse Control 4.0 is engineering document management software that allows both technical and other users to view and mark-up documents. For ease of use it offers built-in view and print support for over 280 file types including many CAD formats, documents, images, and photos. And for security, users can be classified into as many as 30 different levels of access rights.

Kruse Software,

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Online engineering community

The Sockets Online Community (SOC) is a virtual gathering place for engineers to learn, play, and exchange ideas in real time. Hosted at, this peer-based site also hosts live events like seminars, courses, and interviews. Another feature is Capers, the engineering comic strip.

Aprisa Inc.,

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Mold simulation

MAGMASOFT is mold simulation software designed for applications such as creating cylinder heads and aluminum parts in foundries. It can be used to model process lay-out and to predict casting quality. Users can avoid gating and feeding problems, create permanent mold designs, and reduce fettling costs. The software analyzes mold filling, solidification, mechanical properties, and thermal stresses and distortions.

Magma Foundry Technologies, Inc.,

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Fluid flow analysis software

PIPE-FLO Professional version 7 is a suite of software tools for fluid flow analysis, piping design, and pump selection. Users can design, analyze, and troubleshoot piping systems with new features including: a faster calculation engine, unlimited fluid data properties, and improved graphics. This version also has a new sizing and selection wizard to help users choose pumps and valves.

Engineered Software,

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Voice-command CAD

New on the company's Webstore is CADKEY(R) SPEAK(TM), which lets CAD users save time by combining spoken commands with keyboard shortcuts (CADKEY's "hot key" commands). Developed by Conceptual Product Development (West Caldwell, NJ), the package includes voice automation software, microphone headset, an Introductory Guide, help cards, and an accelerator keyboard file.

Cadkey Corp.,

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CNC programming

BOBCAD-CAM version 18.0 enhances CNC programming with new features including 32-bit programming with increased accuracy and long file names. It also offers multiple windows so the user can work on more than one drawing at a time, or view and draw 3D parts from different angles simultaneously. Users can also dynamically rotate models in 2D or 3D.


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ERP software

Questica 2000 is project-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) software designed for small and mid-size firms in the custom design manufacturing (CDM) field. It integrates sales, engineering, manufacturing, and accounting into a seamless information system. Now featuring Engineer-to-Order, this release is fully integrated with SolidWorks, so users can develop automated bills of materials (BOMs).

Questica Inc.,

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VectorWorks 9 and RenderWorks 9 are a CAD package and photo-realistic plug-in designed for applications in AEC, landscape, and entertainment design. This version of the CAD software supports import/export commands for AutoCAD 2000i, text support like spell-check and find/replace, 3D NURBS support, and support for OpenGL.

Nemetschek North America,

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Inventory control

Piece Weight Look-Up Software (PWLU) provides accurate inventory counts by linking a part number and piece weight database to as many as 32 networked digital counting scales. Scale users can remotely give and take parts while keeping the inventory on a single, shared PC. The scales can be connected via RocketPort cards or RF wireless transmitter/receivers.

Weigh-Tronix Inc.,

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FEMLAB 2.1 is an FEA package for simulating physical phenomena in 1D, 2D, and 3D. It now offers a new chemical engineering module, and DASPK 2.0, a numerical solver of differential algebraic equations. DASPK is compatible with MATLAB 6, and can solve dynamic and stationary multiphysics problems.


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