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May 21, 2001

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Mouseless computing

The Miniature Sealed Keyboard with ARROWMOUSE(TM) does away with the computer mouse altogether. This addition to the KIA6800 Series of industrial keyboards offers the full 104 keys, but designates eight keys to duplicate the functions of a mouse. Its NEMA 4-sealed keyboard is designed for use in medical, process control, and NC machining.

CTI Electronics Corp., 110 Old South Ave., Stratford, CT 06615; FAX (203) 378-4986;

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Magics(TM) 6.0 is a CAD program that works with faceted data, such as STL files. Instead of using the STL format only for rapid prototyping, Magics enables applications in CAM, reverse engineering, visualization, and simulation.

Materialise, 6111 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103; FAX (734) 662-7891;

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Stylus-based markup

Enotate(TM) was designed to transform the hand-held PDA "into a fourth peripheral" (in addition to the keyboard, mouse, and display), by allowing stylus-users to markup or annotate Word documents, PowerPoint slides, Excel sheets, and digital graphics and photographs.

Informal Software Inc., 2060 Walsh Avenue, Suite 192, Santa Clara, CA 95050; FAX (408) 845-9177;

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Materials requirement planning

Alliance/MFG(R) release 5.0 is designed to allow emerging manufacturers to track transactions, with the flexibility to sort by any variable, using over 130 predefined queries as well as custom query creation. Users can track bills of materials, engineering change control, customer maintenance, sales orders, purchase and work orders, sub-contracting, inventory and cost control, and more.

Alliance Manufacturing Software, Box 6927, Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6927; FAX (805) 696-6908;

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Collaboration software

Diamonds 5.2 is process management software designed to enable a company's employees, partners, and suppliers to collaborate on distributed processes. Its front-end is a Web browser or Java application, its middle-tier is an Enterprise Java Bean (EJB) application server, and its back-end is a relational database such as Oracle, Sybase, or SQL.

Diamond Tree Technologies Inc., 12707 High Bluff Drive, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92130; FAX (858) 794-1476;

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BOBCAD-CAM(TM) version 18.0 features enhanced CNC programming and dynamic 2D and 3D rotation. Also, multiple windows allow users to work on multiple drawings, or to view and draw a 3D part from different angles simultaneously. And it allows ordinate dimensioning, supports uncommon controllers, and allows users to choose their own icons.

BOBCAD-CAM, 1440 Koll Enter, #106, San Jose, CA 95112; FAX (408) 436-7910;

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