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June 18, 2001

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Shaft collars

S25FB (brass) and S25FY (303 stainless steel) series shaft collars are available in both inch and metric sizes and feature built-in shim spacers and Fairloc(R) integral hub fasteners. The Fairloc consists of two slots which are machined into the hub, one radially and the other angularly, to create a transverse wedge which remains attached to the solid portion of the hub on one side.

Stock Drive Products,

Enter 656

Servo drives

Ultra3000(TM) high-performance single-axis digital servo drives are said to strengthen flexibility and connectivity capabilities of the entire Ultra family. Features include analog control, preset speed and torque control, and master/follower operation, built-in homing routines, programmable limit switches, high performance encoder support, and seamless linear motor support.

Rockwell Automation,

Enter 657

Linear bearings

EXCEL(TM) self-aligning linear bearings are said to offer a high load rating and smooth performance as a replacement for other brands of self-aligning bearings. The product is designed with ground bearing plates which result in greater conformity for higher load capacity and smooth operation, with steel reinforced floating seals available as an option for low-drag operation.

Nook Industries,

Enter 658

Clamping system

Easylock II adjustable, smooth-shaft clamping systems are said to secure both payoff supply rolls and take-up spools running on smooth shafts. The product is said to be well suited to winding and spooling operations which require frequent changeovers or handle supply rolls of varying widths or core diameters in applications such as spools and supply rolls, packing machines, or static operations.

Amacoil Inc.,

Enter 659

Polymer bearing

PEP Polymer encased polymer bearings feature an enclosed, rotary movement which works with any type of shaft material. The inner sleeve of the bearing is made of the company's iglide J material which acts as a mating surface and allows the coefficient of friction and wear behavior to be predetermined. The product is said to combine the advantages of plain, self-lubricating bearings with the reliability of closed designs.

igus Inc.,

Enter 660

Motion controllers

MC2500 for stepping motors is the latest addition to this company's Navigator(TM) family of motion controllers, and is also said to include chipsets for controlling brushed and brushless servo motors and microstepping motors. Features include asymmetric acceleration and deceleration, velocity and acceleration changes on-the-fly, trace capabilities for diagnostics, and stall detection.

Performance Motion Devices - PMD,

Enter 661

Dc motor kits

Slotless brushless dc motor kits are now available from this company for applications with strict space restrictions. The kits provide rotor and stator pairs which are said to eliminate the need for bearings and housings. The stators consist of a high-density copper winding positioned inside a toothless laminated stator ring, which is said to eliminate torque cogging and ripple.

EAD Motors,

Enter 662

Stepping motor driver

UI2120G is a compact, standalone, intelligent 2-phase stepping motor driver with point-to-point microprocessor-based control of stepping motor motion. The driver is said to supply a bus voltage of up to 160V dc and 2 amps per phase in unipolar format by directly converting the single phase, 115V ac 50/60 Hz input for high speed performance capability.

Oriental Motor Corp.,

Enter 663

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