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March 6, 2000

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Static dissipative hot gloves
Designed for operator handling of hot objects up to 200F, the polyester glove is lined with Nomex(R) and offers user comfort and non-allergenic properties, according to the company. Resistance to ground is less than 10 (to the 7th) and a 4 mm snap allows the gloves to be grounded to smock sleeves or with a wrist strap ground cord. The Hot Gloves are sold by the pair and are available in small, medium, and large.

Desco Charleswater, 3651 Walnut Ave., Chino, CA 91710; FAX (909) 627-7449;

Data logger
The new Model LS1 Data Loggerstor reportedly retrieves and stores data from as many as 31 data loggers. The unit lets the user store and transfer to a PC more than a quarter million temperature, humidity, and dew-point readings, print them to any parallel printer, or view them on site using the instrument's alphanumeric display. The LS1 is battery powered and provides a convenient way for technicians to take and inspect stored data from environmental chambers, coolers, food storage areas and green houses, while leaving the data loggers in the field to continue operating.

Dwyer Instruments, 102 Indiana Hwy. 212, Box 373, Michigan City, IN 46361-0373; FAX (219) 872-9057;

Proximity sensor
This self contained unit operates at 10-35V dc, and has a switchable output from PNP/NPN, Normally Open/Normally Closed. This disc sensor has an adjustable sensing range from 2-25 mm, can be flush mounted, and is IP67 rated. Available wiring options are with an M8 or M12 quick disconnect or the standard 2-meter cable.

Sie Sensors Inc., Box 351899, Toledo, OH 43653.

Multi-axis system
The modular Micro Stage Multi-Axis System is class 10 clean room certified and, according to the company, is suitable for a myriad of multi-axis positioning equipment applications, such as fluid dispensing systems, blood analyzers, specimen sampling, and medical diagnostic apparatus. These low mass systems are available in a variety of stroke lengths, sizes, and lead screw arrangements to accommodate a wide variety of speeds, orientations, and load capacities.

Thomson Industries, 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 944-1892; www.

Motor/amplifier combo
VALUE-PACK motion control packages consisting of a brushless servomotor and matching drive amplifier are offered in two fast accelerating motor types with peak torques of 307 to 1,200 oz-in, respectively, and rated speed of 6,000 RPM. Model 7427 ac servoamplifier provides up to 2.5 hp motor drive power and the amplifier operates from 32 to 264V RMS ac.

Copley Controls, 410 University Ave., Westwood, MA 02090; FAX (781) 329-4055; www.

CFD, FEA pre-processing software
Gridgen V 13.3 adds automatic geometry and a wider variety of grid elements to previous versions reducing time normally spent removing gaps and overlaps in CAD models. Also, prism and pyramid grid elements are extruded from a triangular surface grid to provide fine resolution of flow gradients.

Pointwise Inc., Box 210698, Bedford, TX 76095-7698; FAX (817) 377-2799;

Mobile ORII G-50
The mobile G-50 pick and place robot can be easily moved between presses to fully automate sheet metal stamping operations. It is mounted on wheels and can be rolled across the shop floor or carried by lift truck from press to press. Two quick release, single action toggle clamps rigidly secure the unit to the front of the press iN seconds, making short batch runs more cost effective. The G-50 can handle blanks weighing up to 3.3 lb and measuring up to 8 x 12 inches.

ORII of America, 1895 Airport Exchange Blvd., Building A Suite 230, Erlanger, KY 41018; FAX (606) 746-3319;

Stainless steel couplings
This new line of corrosion-proof, stainless steel couplings are designed for applications from servo-quality automated operations to simply tightening bottle caps on a packaging line. They include: servo-quality, backlash-free safety couplings, metal bellows couplings, servo-insert couplings, keyless clamping shrink discs, and magnetic couplings.

Rimtec Corp., 825 N. Cass Ave., Westmont, IL 60559; FAX (630) 325-1404;

Curing system
The CertiCure(TM) vertical curing system was designed to cure and cool dispensed adhesive and sealant materials in high-volume production. It features reductions in floor space and energy consumption compared to conventional horizontal ovens, the manufacturer says.

Robotics Inc., 2421 Route 9, Ballston Spa, NY 12020; FAX (518) 899-4230;

Adhesive dispenser
The Model 800 dispenser uses controlled air pressure instead of squeeze bottles or hypodermic syringes to control the flow rate for adhesives, lubricants, and other fluids. Its disposable barrel has a precision tip, and a piston that automatically wipes the barrel clean as fluid is dispensed. The dispenser is operated with an electronic foot pedal.

EFD, 977 Waterman Ave., East Providence, RI 02914; FAX (401) 431-0237.

Cartridge valves
New E-12 Series solenoid operated cartridge valves operate at flow rates up to 20 gpm and meet or exceed all IP67 standards for weather resistance and reliability under demanding conditions. The new coil design features a rugged external metal shell that houses a seamless, completely encapsulated coil winding. External seals, which are a common failure point for conventional coils, are eliminated.

HydraForce Inc., 500 Barclay Blvd., Lincolnshire, IL 60069; FAX (847) 793-0086.

Slow start valves
The Slow Start Valve is designed with gradual pressure increase to reduce wear and potential damage to valve components. Configured to mount on the power valve, Slow Start Valves prevent shock to the pneumatic system by permitting gradual pressure increases. A restrictor and an adjustable needle valve control initial flow through the valve. When 2/3 of the system pressure is achieved, an internal spring compresses, allowing immediate increase to full system pressure. After the system is pressurized, the cylinders return to the position they were in before the system air was vented.

Parker Hannifin - Brass Products Div., Box 215, Ostego, MI 490781472; FAX (616) 694-4614;

Water-cooled air conditioners
A line of water-cooled air conditioners are designed for cooling enclosed electronics where ambient temperatures exceed 125F. Because the air conditioners use water to cool the condenser coil and are not dependent upon ambient air temperature, they operate effectively in high temperature environments. If a recirculated water source exists within the facility, the water cooled air conditioners are a viable cooling alternative.

McLean Midwest, 11611 Business Park Blvd. N., Champlin, MN 55316; FAX (612) 576-3200.

Low range shock absorber
A new series of adjustable shock absorbers are uniquely designed for low velocity conditions. The LROEM Series is able to control heavy loads while providing adjustment for varying conditions at lower impact velocities. Broad adjustment setting capacity at low velocities enables customers to apply the shock absorbers in applications where velocities are as low as 3 inches/sec.
Enidine Inc., 7 Centre St., Orchard Park, NY 14127; FAX (716) 662-1909.

Regenerative blower
The R9 Series is part of the REGENAIR regenerative blower line. It produces pressure up to 125 inches of water (311 mbar, and vacuum to 115 inches of water with free air flow of 680 cfm. It's equipped with a UL and CSA-approved three-phase TEFC motor with permanently sealed ball bearings, IP54-rated enclosure and Class F insulation. A CE compliant model with BSP pipe ports is available.

Gast Manufacturing, Box 97, Benton Harbor, MI 49023; FAX (800) 771-8349.

Digital cylinder control
The new DPQ Digital Controller is designed for hydraulic injection cylinders with analog feedback. Advanced control algorithms in the DPQ allow fast, accurate system response and deliver a more repeatable process than was previously possible. The DPQ includes: user selectable internal or external injection profile control, easy set-up, and the application flexibility to use with most injection molding machines. Closed loop injection velocity and pressure profiles have completely bumpless transitions. Hydraulic shock is eliminated in all operating conditions. Transfer from velocity to pressure control may be triggered by either injection cylinder position, pressure, or mold cavity pressure. The microprocessor-based platform includes all parameters necessary for the most demanding injection molding applications.

Mannesman Rexroth Corp., 2315 City Line Rd., Bethlehem, PA 18017.

Flow switch
The 2600 flow switch monitors pipeline flow in pipes from 1/2 to 8 inches in diameter. This all-plastic switch is corrosion resistant. It easily installs into pipe systems using T fittings or pipe saddles. The switch's rotor shaft and bearings are ceramic. The 2600 has a built-in LED display for visual flow indication.

Hayward Industrial Products, 900 Fairmount Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07207; FAX (908) 351-7893;

The Imperial SAF(TM) bearing is designed for ease of installation and removal, without compromising sealing. An adapter mount system reduces installation time to 15 minutes, instead of the usual two hours, with a one-nut locking technique, and no need for feeler gauge readings. The bearing is a split-cap pillow block, available from 1 7/16 to 4 15/16 inch bore sizes.

Rockwell Automation, 6040 Ponders Court, Greenville, SC 29615; FAX (864) 281-2433;

Duralon(R) self-aligning spherical composite bearings are designed for use in hostile and wet environments. The bearings feature a woven Teflon(R) fabric liner backed by a rugged casing of filament-wound fiberglass and epoxy resin. Corrosion resistance makes them appropriate for applications in food and beverage processing, packaging machinery, construction machinery, and other immersed mechanisms.

Rexnord Corp., 2324 Curtiss St., Downers Grove, IL 60515; FAX (630) 969-8752.

Rotary drive
The series 4 rotary drive is a "single-sided" unit used in tight-tolerance applications, such as 5-axis plastic trimming, wood and composite pattern making, and aluminum machining. Its package allows spindle travels of up to 6270 degrees in the B-axis, and 6183 degrees in the C-axis. The drive obtains rapid traverse speeds up to 25 rpm in both axes. Available in a 10 hp ISO30 taper spindle, a 12 hp ISO40 taper spindle, and a 7 and 10 hp double- ended spindle.

Motionmaster Inc., 450 W. California Ave., Vista, CA 92083; FAX (760) 639-1413;

The Jaw In-Shear coupling series has elastomeric "spiders" that fully separate the driving and driven hubs, giving the traditional compression-type jaw coupling a torque-transmission alternative, and allowing the coupling to act as a torque-overload fuse. The wrap-around Urethane spider is radially removeable without de-mounting the hubs, and is held in place by a cast stainless steel retaining ring.

Lovejoy, 2655 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515; FAX (630) 852-2120;

Packaged stepper/driver
The 3540 series drive (PDO3540) and drive/indexer (Si5580) systems are designed around a 3.5A, 40V, CE- and TUV-compliant, all-digital microstepping drive capable of delivering 122W of useable power. Microstepping resolution is set via software or dip switch from 200 to 50,800 step/rev at motor speeds up to 50 rps.

Applied Motion Products, 404 Westridge Dr., Watsonville, CA 95076; FAX (408) 761-6544;

The TorqueMaster(R) BNL 2300 series brushless motor offers torque ratings up to 140 oz-inch and speeds and torque stability up to 10,000 rpm, while accommodating dc bus voltages up to 325V. They are designed for applications in factory automation, packaging, robotics, semiconductors, and medical instrumentation.

Cleveland Motion Controls, 829A Middlesex Tpke., Billerica, MA 01821; FAX (888) 295-5550;

Brushless motors
These autoclavable brushless motors, based on System Faulhaber(R) ironless rotor technology, combine no cogging, high-acceleration dynamics with rare-earth magnet systems. They have been tested at temperatures of 134C 62C, with a water vapor pressure of 2.1 bar, and can operate in 100% relative humidity for 20-min cycles (including 3 min of live steam) for a minimum of 100 cycles.

MicroMo Electronics, 14881 Evergreen Ave., Clearwater, FL 33762-3008; FAX (727) 573 5918;

Servo actuator
This lightweight rotary servo actuator is designed to provide high-output torque under extreme endurance conditions, such as positioning the control surfaces of a reconnaissance unmanned air vehicle. Model 808-01 features a four-brush permanent-magnet dc motor controlled by a pulse width modulated amplifier with hybrid power output stage.

Litton Systems, 1213 N. Main St., Blacksburg, VA 24060; FAX (540) 953-1841;

Servo motors
BE series brushless servo motors produce 25% more torque than equivalent-size motors, at cost savings up to 20%, the manufacturer says. Available in sizes 23 and 34, they can provide up to 42 inch-lb continuous torque. The motors gain extra torque from an increased number of magnetic poles on the rotor, with eight instead of the traditional four.

Parker Hannifin - Compumotor, 5500 Business Park Dr., Rohnert Park, CA 94928; FAX (707) 584-3715;

Brushless motor
The EC series of brushless pancake motors are electrically commutated, enabling longer life by avoiding extra parts to wear out. With the coils outside the rotor, it achieves good heat dissipation and high overload capacity. It weighs 32g, with a 32 mm diameter, and 8.9 mm length.

Maxon Precision Motors, 838 Mitten Rd., Burlingame, CA 94010; FAX (650) 697-2887;

Two-speed gearbox
The "built-in" RAM-MSD 2-speed gearbox is integrated in-line between the water-cooled motor and the spindle inside of the machine tool's RAM. The unit extends the constant power speed range of the motor, providing high output speeds up to 8,000 rpm for applications such as finishing aluminum, and high torque at low speeds for hogging out steel or cast iron. Standard ratios are 1:1, and reductions from 2.5 to 5:1.

Andantex USA, 1705 Valley Rd., Wanamassa, NJ 07712; FAX (732) 493-2949;

Permbond(R) 4C10 cyanoacrylate is designed for high-speed production of medical devices, including bonding, sealing, and fixturing parts and substrates. Within 5 to 20 sec, it will bond substrates including brass, steel, plaster, stone, aluminum, ABS, phenolic, polyesters, SBR, PVC, and many other plastics. At 77F, the colorless, transparent liquid has a viscosity of 40 centipoise.

Permabond, 480 South Dean St., Englewood, NJ 07631-6849; FAX (201) 567-3747;

Components with decorative finished surfaces demand flawless conveyor handling. And these urethane-covered rollers can provide it, reducing surface scratching, denting, galling, and chipping for items such as heavyweight architectural components, consumer product equipment, and furniture.

Nolu Plastics, 900 C Tyrens Rd., Aston, PA 19014; FAX (610) 358-9480.

Thread sealant
ST-3(R) thread sealant is applied in a 360 degrees pattern to the inside of a fastener, such as the internal threads and the bearing face of large diameter nuts used in automotive differentials. It can reduce clamp force scatter, and provide a seal against fluid leakage. It will work with straight or tapered threads, is dry to the touch, and seals instantly.

ND Industries, 1000 North Crooks Rd., Clawson, MI 48017; FAX (248) 288-0022.

Flat wafers
These ultraflat sapphire wafers are suited for use as base plates for mounting substrates in semiconductor manufacturing devices. They feature flatness to 0.5 fringes of HeNe and parallelism from 20 to 1 sec with 5 1.2 microns piece-to-piece uniformity. Impervious to caustic etching agents, they are available in 50 to 82 mm diameter sizes, with thicknesses from 0.5 to 3 mm.

Meller Optics Inc., 120 Corliss St., Box 6001, Providence, RI 02940; FAX (401) 331-0519.

Shielding protection
This new C12 coating is a nickel-copper fabric that eliminates the standard flaking and plating of other fabrics. It consists of a layer of nickel on top of a layer of copper, both of which cover a nylon woven fabric, providing a durable gasket with galvanic compatibility with a range of materials including yellow and clear chromate, aluminum, steel, and zinc. It has shielding effectiveness of >105 dB over the frequency range of 20 to 2,000 MHz.

Schlegel Systems Inc., 1555 Jefferson Rd., Box 23197, Rochester, NY 14692-3197; FAX (716) 427-7216;

Pipe insulation
"Hygro-Wick" is a fiberglass insulation that prevents condensation on piping systems used below ambient temperature. Insulation failure is inevitable for most chilled water piping, because of moisture damage. But Hygro-Wick uses a super-absorbent hydro-phillic wicking cloth at its core, to move moisture to the outside of the system, where it evaporates.

Knauf Fiber Glass GmbH, One Knauf Dr., Shelbyville, IN 46176; FAX (317) 398-3675;

National Design Engineering Show Preview

Coiled tubing and hose
This custom coiled tubing has applications in appliances, robotics, packaging, food and beverage, laboratories, chemical, medical and pharmaceutical, and maintenance and repair. And the tubing's ability to bend, twist, and stretch makes it useful for air supply and fluid transfer. Customers can specify material, color, outer coil diameter, performance re- quirements, and coil length.

New Age Industries
Booth 1657
2300 Maryland Rd.
Willow Grove, PA 19090
FAX (215) 657-6594

Inverter duty gearmotor
The new series of 1/4 hp inverter duty gearmotors have extended life expectancy in continuous duty applications like pumps, conveyors and machine tools. These variable-speed, constant-torque, ac motors perform as well as permanent-magnet dc motors, the company claims. But they last longer, since they have no wearable components, and their advanced polymer insulation outlasts copper wire systems.

Bison Gear & Engineering
Booth 2457
3850 Ohio Ave.
St. Charles, IL 60174
FAX (630) 377-6777

3-way fieldbus connector
The BusQuick(TM) T-coupler is a universal connection device that speeds installation of all popular Fieldbus systems and applications according to IEC 61158-2. Ideal for three-way junctions, it uses an insulation displacement technology which eliminates the need to strip the wires off the bus cable.

Hirschmann Inc.
Booth 6260
30 Hook Mountain Rd.
Pine Brook, NJ 07058
FAX (973) 830-1470

Caps and plugs
The caps and plugs protect parts from moisture, dust, and other unwanted substances during packaging and shipping operations. Square and rectangular caps, pull tabs, HP Series plugs, and tapered caps and plugs are offered. The products are available in a variety of PVC materials including standard vinyl, high temperature, non-staining for copper tubing, anti-static, textured, FDA approved, and UL qualifiable.

Harman Corp.
Booth 343
Box 80665
Rochester, NY 48307
FAX (248) 651-4495

Electronic drawing
eDrawings is a new compressed electronic drawing file that enables users to create, view, send, and receive mechanical drawings via email. Each file contains a self-contained viewer, so recipients can start using the drawings immediately. It is available for existing users of SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and any CAD system outputting a DXF or DWG file.

Booth 20
300 Baker Ave.
Concord, MA 01742

Integrated HMI
The new HMIControl is an all-in-one device that integrates an operator interface, a PLC, and a local I/O into one package. Designed to take up minimal space, it is contained in a depth of less than 4 inches. The manufacturer also offers its next generation UniOP touchscreen operator interfaces, with various display sizes. And it offers the ELIN series of industrial computers that support Microsoft Win NT Embedded and Win CE OS's.

Booth 5747
3420 Fairlane Farms Rd.
Wellington, FL 33414
FAX (561) 792-1562

Single board computer
The SBC-PII is a single board computer based on the socket 370 Celeron processor. With speeds up to 500 MHz and complemented by 100-MHz front-side bus, it is designed to have the processing horsepower necessary for graphics and number-crunching operations. It has advanced features such as a video controller, memory, and expansion options.

Computer Dynamics
Booth 5424
7640 Pelham Rd.
Greenville, SC 29615
FAX (864) 675-0106

Reaction molded components
The manufacturer uses a reaction molding process to mold Bayer XGT 100 elastomeric material into thruster blades, a motor ring, and outlet venturis. The blades contain 15% 1/16-in short glass fibers to increase tensile strength. The motor ring uses the Bayer material to encapsulate the neodynium magnetic motor. Together, they form components for a submarine used for servicing undersea oil rigs at 3,000m depths.

Rimnetics Inc.
Booth 2082
433 Clyde Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043-2209
FAX (650) 964-3407

Thermoplastic bearing assemblies
The manufacturer built a set of three thermoplastic bearing assemblies for application in a CCTV security camera. The first bearing is a 120 mm diameter angular contact bearing with clips on the outer race, and a 180-tooth gear in the inner race, to drive the panning motion. The second is a hemispherical bearing assembly with 176 3 0.5 mod gear teeth which controls the camera's tilt motion. It contains a coil of ribbon cable for the electronic link, and connects the third bearing to the other half.

SarnaTech BNL
Booth 1443
56 Leonard St., Unit 5
Foxboro, MA 02035
FAX (508) 698-8898

Ac drive
The GPD 305 is a compact ac drive providing volts/hertz control in general purpose speed control applications such as fans, pumps, conveyors, compressors, mixers, and material handling installations. Features include 3-digit display, built-in potentiometer, 70 program parameters, nine preset speeds, dc injection braking, critical frequency rejection, momentary power loss override, speed search, and more. The GPD 305 is available from 1/8 to 5 hp at 230 and 460V ac.

Booth 5309
16555 W. Ryerson Rd.
New Berlin, WI 53151

Rapid prototyping system
The FDM3000 rapid prototyping system has a build envelope of 10 3 10 3 16 inches, and incorporates a new support removal system for use with ABS modeling material called WaterWorks. It is based on Fused Deposition Modeling technology, and allows hands-free production of concept models, precision prototypes, tooling patterns, and masters. With WaterWorks, the model is then immersed in a water-based solution, and the supports wash away.

Booth 436
14950 Martin Dr.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2020
FAX (612) 937-0070

Unigraphics version 16 is a new release of the CAD/CAM/CAE software, featuring Predictive Engineering, a method of incorporating engineering practices and product life cycle knowledge into the product development environment. The technology includes Process Wizards and Process Assistants, which encode product and process knowledge to improve design and manufacturing productivity.

Unigraphics Solutions Inc.
Booth 1225
13736 Riverport Dr.
Maryland Heights, MO 63043
FAX (314) 344-5158

Brushless motors
The integral electronics in these brushless motors provide all the advantages of brushless design with the simplicity of two-wire connection. They are "drop-in" replacements for standard PM motors, and provide many options for speed control, mounting configuration, construction materials, magnets, etc. The motors are available in sizes 8 to 40 with current ratings ranging from 0 to 20A, in 12 to 36V operation.

Booth 478
2560 Gen. Armistead Ave.
Norristown, PA 19403-5214
FAX (610) 539-3400

Wire harness design automation
The latest release of EMbassy is version 2.5, with improvements to its wire harness design software including different colors for different diameters, the ability to call out the loom by itself and show it on a nailboard drawing, put splices into the harness, and embed dimensions into channels and wires. EMbassy version 2.5 combines electrical connectivity with a 3D model to create an intelligent electro-mechanical design environment.

Linius Technologies
Booth 206
276 Turnpike Rd.
Westborough, MA 01581
FAX (508) 616-9362

Color imager
The Model 2000 is a high-speed digital CR imager, packaged in a self-contained unit so engineers can record high-speed images for video playback at variable speeds, and as a data source for computerized motion analysis. Users can record 24-bit color or eight-bit monochrome images at rates up to 2,000 frames/sec. A 512 x 384 sensor captures high-resolution images.

Roper Scientific MASD
Booth 2190
11633 Sorrento Valley Rd.
San Diego, CA 92121-1097
FAX (858) 792-3179

Filter fan
The new ProAir(TM) filter fan packages feature quick installation with snap-in mounting, and a slim profile of less than 0.25 inch for the fans and exhaust grilles. They are an affordable way to protect enclosed electronics from heat and dirt, and maintain even temperature distribution within enclosures. They maintain an IP54 rating on the enclosures when the filter gasket is in place.

McLean Midwest
11611 Business Park Blvd. N.
Champlin, MN 55316
FAX (612) 576-3200

High-speed video systems
The Encore PCI high-speed video systems record the movement of high-speed manufacturing equipment as it operates, so engineers can analyze the movement and locate equipment problems by playing back the digital images in slow motion. They are designed for expediting production line changeovers, troubleshooting, preventive and predictive maintenance, and quality control.

Olympus America
2 Corp. Center Dr.
Melville, NY 11747
FAX (516) 844-5620

Flanged and machined bearings
These precision composite bearings are flanged and machined to meet specialized applications. Flanges range from 1/2 inch to 20-inches deep and are composed of heavy-duty, non-corrosive material with dielectric strengths. They are used to maintain the spacing of bearings in lifts, and in applications in material handling, conveying, computer hardware, and the valve, aircraft and marine industries.

Polygon Bearings
Booth 2861
103 Industrial Park Dr.
Walkerton, IN 46574
FAX (219) 586-7336

Linear actuator
This new linear actuator with ball screw reduces friction and extends motor life for driving ballscrews. The motor's hollow shaft accommodates a variety of leadscrews up to 3/8-inch diameter. And a threaded front shaft extension and hub allow for ballscrew attachment to the rotating hollow shaft. The size 23 single stack dc stepping motor measures 2.25 31.8 inches long.

EAD Motors - Eastern Air Devices
Booth 1949
One Progress Dr.
Dover, NH 03820-5450

Cam followers
Cam Runner(TM) idle rollers combine an internal design with an optimized combination of composite material, to outperform conventional needle bearings in continuous-duty tests, the manufacturer says. The composite tread and bearing unit is sized for direct replacement of conventional cam followers, including a threaded stainless steel stud.

Osborn Int'l.
Booth 1654
5401 Hamilton Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44114
FAX (216) 361-1606

Lift-handle actuator
The new M3 lift-handle actuator and multipoint latching system are designed for electronic enclosures, for easy operation, high security, and consistent compression along the door edge. The latching system drives multiple remote compression latches from a single actuation point, for as many latches as needed to achieve consistent, 5-mm compression.

Booth 1440
210 N. Brinton Lake Rd.
Concordville, PA 19331
FAX (610) 459-4012

Nylon stock shapes
These nylon billets and blanks, with custom-designed steel cores, are designed for use in machining gears, rollers, pulleys, wheels, and sprockets. The NylaSteel(TM) composite stock shapes combine the wear and self-lubricating properties of nylon with the strength and hardness of steel. NylaSteel components can be attached to a steel shaft the same way as a steel gear, including press fit, bolt-circle, and/or key way.

DSM Engineering Plastics
Booth 1392
2120 Fairmont Ave. , Box 14235
Reading, PA 19612
FAX (610) 320-6868

Motion control system
The MicroLYNX is a motion control system in a panel-mounted assembly, integrating a bipolar stepper motor microstepping drive and a programmable indexer with expandable I/O and multiple communication ports, all running off a single power supply. Available in two power ranges: MicroLYNX4 runs at 12 to 48V dc with 3A RMS (4A peak) output, and the MicroLYNX7 runs at 24 to 75V dc with 5A RMS (7A peak) output.

Intelligent Motion Systems Inc.
Booth 2820
370 N Main St.
Marlborough, CT 06447
FAX (860) 295-6107

Remote switching device
Instead of using an electric switch and cable, this waterproof, shock-proof, explosion-proof switching device works with a pushbutton air bellows that connects through flexible tubing to a pressure switch in the equipment. The switch is available in configurations including momentary, alternate action, and sequencing, up to 25A, 1 hp. The tube is not affected by water, dirt, dust, or flammable gas.

Booth 2179
1009 W. Boston Post Rd.
Mamaroneck, NY 10543
FAX (914) 698-9456

FEA software
DesignPak works from within CAD to provide access to FEA tools. DesignPak features a tetrahedral mesh engine designed for faster solid FEA meshes, enhanced plate/shell modeling static stress analysis, and an HTML Report Wizard. Engineers can use the same user interface and operations regardless of the CAD system used or the analysis types needed.

Booth 101
150 Beta Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15238-2932
FAX (412) 967-2781

Sensor chip
The W.1000 series is a 3- x 4-mm chip with more than two million gates, and a Teach-in button that automatically sets itself up for your application, the manufacturer says. This self-setting is included in its OES II ASIC, and is standard on the energetic proximity and fiber-optic sensing modes. The photoelectric sensor uses a stress-free molded lens.

Booth 5006
6900 W. 110th St.
Bloomington, MN 55438
FAX (612) 941-9287

Electro-optic switch
The ELS-1100HTS is an ultra-compact, high-temperature, electro-optic liquid level switch that can handle liquids up to 212F. It is made from Isoplast(R) plastic for reliability in hot water or oil, and with a low-profile body for on- or off-highway applications. Solid-state switching is self-contained in the 1.5-inch switch. And once installed, the switch extends less than 0.55 inch from the external tank wall.

Gems Sensors
1 Cowles Rd.
Plainville, CT 06062-1198
FAX (860) 747-4244

Valve connectors
New valve connectors for the QUICKON connection system feature a large reduction in wiring time, and demand no special tools for making a connection, since the insulation does not need to be stripped to make the connection. They are designed for PVC and PE insulated conductors (16 to 18 AWG). The Type A valve plug is three-position and is available in various voltage and current options.

Phoenix Contact
Booth 533
Box 4100
Harrisburg, PA 17111-0100
FAX (717) 944-1625

Step and servo motors
The Alpha Step, 2-phase, hybrid, geared step motor and driver package uses a built-in feedback device that constantly monitors the motor shaft to detect and correct for loss of synchronism. It runs open loop under normal conditions and only runs in closed loop when a position deviation of 1.8 degrees or greater is seen. Motors are available with three types of gearheads: tapered, planetary, and harmonic.

Oriental Motor
Booth 1454
2510 W. 237th St. , Ste. 102
Torrance, CA 90505
FAX (310) 325-4146

Bellows couplings
The Belflex(TM) bellows couplings combine stainless-steel bellows and aluminum hubs for high-performance motion control, with high torque capabilities and high torsional rigidity in a zero-backlash, low-inertia flexible coupling. It accommodates parallel and angular misalignment and axial motion, for applications including encoders and servomotors.

Ruland Manufacturing Co.
Booth 1652
380 Pleasant St.
Watertown, MA 02472
FAX (800) 929-9205

Brushless motors
These autoclavable brushless motors are designed for medical and harsh environments, and combine no-cogging, high-acceleration dynamics with rare-earth magnets. They have been tested at sterilization temperature of 134C 62C, with water vapor pressure of 30.5 psi. They can operate in 100% relative humidity in 20-minute cycles, including 3 minutes of live steam, for a minimum of 100 cycles.

MicroMo Electronics
Booth 1945
14881 Evergreen Ave.
Clearwater, FL 33762-3008
FAX (727) 573-5918

In-line helical gear drives
Some of the company's gear drive models include double and triple reduction units, with standard NEMA C-Face flanged and direct input non-flanged configurations. The 800 Series drives are available with double reduction ratios of 1.5:1 through 70:1, and triple reduction ratios of 36:1 through 250:1. All 800 Series feature oversized ball bearings with reduced straddle distance between bearings and steel output shafts. All drives can be double sealed on both the high-speed and low-speed shafts for severe applications.

Boston Gear
Booth 232
14 Hayward St.
Quincy, MA 02171
FAX (617) 479-6238

Servo controller and amplifier
The RTC-3000 is an integrated, miniaturized, free-standing, motion controller/ amplifier, measuring 3.68 2 1.815 2 0.35 inch. It will operate nearly any small brushed or brushless dc servo, and uses 24V dc. It has inputs for the encoder, the motor, the hall sensors, general purpose I/O, and additional encoder and step & direction fields. As many as 120 of them can be combined on a single RS-485 network.

Animatics Corp.
Booth 3303
3050 Tasman Dr.
Santa Clara, CA 95054
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Miniature contacts
These gold-plated bellows contacts absorb shock and vibration while maintaining a continuous connection. They are designed for dynamic interconnect applications, and have low insertion forces, low insertion losses, and extremely low dc resistance. The contacts have diameters from 0.037 to 0.245 inches O.D.

Booth 2551
501 Little Falls Rd.
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009
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Miniature joystick
The XVL161 Series, 2-axis potentiometer joystick with a spring-activated return-to-center feature, offers 625 deg. travel in a design for handheld, single-finger, or thumb operated remote controllers. Typical applications include consumer electronics, CCTV, studio/stage lighting, robotics, light industrial control units, or other applications requiring multiple control functions from a single finger-activated device.

Noble USA
Booth 583
5450 Meadowbrook Industrial Ct.
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008
FAX (847) 364-6045

Dc to dc converters
The LPD301 series includes a variety of standard full-brick footprint dc to dc converters, measuring 4.5 2 2.4 inch and ranging from 50 to 200W. The converters operate at a fixed frequency of 375 kHz, and are available with six different input voltages. Output voltages can be adjusted from 65 to 110 percent with an integral trim pin, and output ripple typically measures less than one percent peak to peak.

9340 Owensmouth Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311
FAX (818) 734-6540

Directional valves
The Series D3 directional control valves include a 40 GPM D05 size directional valve. These direct operated, 4-way valves are designed for manifold mounting, and conform to NFPA's D05 pattern. They are designed for use in industrial and mobile hydraulic applications requiring high cycle rates and high efficiency. They are available in four operator types, and in 22 different spool styles. Valve flows up to 150 LPM (40 GPM) and pressure ratings up to 345 bar are available.

Parker Hannifin
Booth 1021
8940 Tyler Blvd.
Mentor, OH 44060

Diaphragm pump
The diaphragm pump "SM4," for the handling of liquids, is a linear drive pump and is capable of running dry up to 1000 hours. It can be used as a metering device, by regulating the electrical input to the pump. It can deliver from -250 to 500 mbar pressure with a discharge rate of 150 ml/min and is available in both ac and dc voltages.

Thomas Industries
Booth 1839
1419 Illinois Ave.
Sheboygan, WI 53081
FAX (920) 451-4238

Industrial enclosures
The line of Spelsberg industrial enclosures includes six new non-metallic enclosure families and the first metallic series, constructed of cast aluminum. They are designed for applications from light duty to heavy industrial and marine environments, for the housing and protection of components and devices, including IEC components, sensors, circuit breakers and DIN rail mount terminal blocks.

Altech Corp.
Booth 2560
35 Royal Rd.
Flemington, NJ 08822-6000
FAX (908) 806-9490

Programmable field controller
The programmable field controller allows the user to store and execute programs locally, and still communicate with a network. Program execution continues, even if the fieldbus connection is lost. The programming tool enables the downloading of simple logic control into each I/O node.


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