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July 16, 2001

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Roller bearings

Split roller bearings are available in a higher capacity package said to offer up to 38% more roller bearing load capacity with no dimensional increase. The improved capacity of the E Series due to an internal redesign with a reported increase in radial load capacity of 30% and an axial load rating increase of 20%. The bearing construction uses a prefabricated steel cage and an increased number of longer and larger rollers for cost effectiveness and longer operational life.

BSL Ltd.
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Gear reducers

Able Servo Planetary Gear Reducers have been added to this company's line of GYROMAX(R) and Circulite(R) speed reducers and MEGOMAX(TM) gear reducers. The product is said to be compact, with a weight of 550g and a length of 99.5 mm for 0.1 kW servomotors, while small inertia is said to provide accurate motion control.

Shimpo America Corp.
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Linear drives

This company has just introduced two new additions to its linear drive product line, the Wiesel POWERLine(TM) and Wiesel DYNALine(TM). The products feature an aluminum profile specifically designed for ball screws, and are said to meet the requirements and demands of the mechanical engineering industry.

Precision Technology
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UltraTRUE Continuous duty (CD) gearhead reportedly more than doubles service life in high-speed, continuous-duty applications. It is said to run up to 1.5 times faster than standard input speeds, with 98.5% mesh efficiency, and more than a 25,000-hour service life. The product uses crowned helical gearing to maximize torque.

Thomson Industries
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Positioning stages

linear positioning stages have a wide range of travels, load capacities, and performance for flexibility in selection and installation. Standard accuracies range from 1 to 25 mum, while velocities range from 0.1 mm/sec to 3 m/sec. A range of drives and feedback options is also available.

Anorad Corp.
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Brushless motor

This company says that its 22-mm brushless 22BC motor now offers enhanced performance and life. Both the 50W (long) and 15W (short) versions of the motor have repositioned bearings and improved rotor balance, which provides noise reduction along with lifetime improvement. The company also says that the magnetic circuit has been improved to give a 40% motor constant increase for the longer model.

API Motion
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