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August 7, 2000

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Brushless servomotor

The brushless servomotors offer a voltage range of 240-480 V ac, various frame sizes from 70 to 190 mm, and a continuous rated torque of 0.5 to 54 Nm. All motors are available with an internal brake, which adds no length to the motor. The servomotors feature Neodymium- iron-boron or Samarium cobalt magnets for high torque to inertia ratios. Sixteen different models are offered to meet the needs of global customers.

Pacific Scientific, 4301 Kishwaukee St. Box 106, Rockford, IL 61105-0106; FAX (815) 226-3080; www.pacsci.com.

For Information, circle 631

Motion controller

Interfacing with all standard 2-phase and 5-phase stepping motor drivers and motors, the PLG200 is a single axis board level stepping motor controller. It uses Windows 95/98 compatible PLG Commander software and has been designed to be easily integrated into motion control systems. It is also recommended for single axis man-machine interface operations and interfacing with other operations of a complex multi-axis system.

Nyden, 2610-B North First St., San Jose, CA 95134; FAX (408) 232-7701; www.nyden.com.

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Motors and drives

The Delta S Series(TM)SERCOS Class B compliant all-digital drives and motors are available from 30W to 14.3 kW. The compact drives feature two 32-bit RISC processors for tight servo control and 2, 4, 8, and 16 Mbaud transmission rates. The units include 24V dc onboard isolated I/O, two high-speed isolated 24V dc inputs, optional I/O expansion, and an internal 24V dc isolated I/O power supply.

Industrial Indexing Systems, 626 Fishers Run, Victor, NY 14564; FAX (716) 924-2169; www.iis-servo.com.

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