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May 1, 2000

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Ruby/sapphire balls

These 99.99% alumina oxide ruby/sapphire balls are suitable for use in optical and light refractive applications, such as lasers. Available in precision grades up to Grade 10, the balls are comparable in hardness to alumina ceramic. Reported to perform well where corrosion, lubrication, and high temperatures cannot be tolerated. Varying colors and 27 materials are offered for other applications. Materials include Type 316L surgical stainless steel, 52100 chrome steel, stainless steels, Monel, K-Monel, bronze, brass, plastic, and ceramic.

Thomson Industries, 2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 944-1892;

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Loop clamp

Adelok(R)self-restraining loop clamps are designed to aid in the assembly of clamped components by holding themselves closed and in place during installation. Several clamps can be installed at one time on a single attach point. It also allows for single-handed accessibility and easy clamping in hard-to-reach locations. Available to handle pay-loads from 0.062 to 3.5 inches, they can be supplied with over 20 different elastomeric materials and contour shapes.

Adel Wiggins, 5000 Triggs St., Los Angeles, CA 90022; FAX (323) 269-3759;

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Jet pipe servovalves

Resistant to fluid contamination, the Jet-pipe design is a first-stage design. Reportedly, fewer internal orifices results in fewer restrictions to trap contamination and the single orifice jet eliminates hardover failure from first-stage contamination. Rated flows range from 0.25 to 180 gpm at 1,000-psi valve drop. Step response ranges from 7.5 to 8 milliseconds, based on a 100% stroke at 3,00 psi valve drop.

Moog Inc., 300 Jamison Rd. Plant 11, East Aurora, NY 14052-0018; FAX (716) 655-1803.

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Linear motion system

The GV3 linear motion system includes slides in three grades of precision, three types of bearing assembly, three methods of lubrication, and three types of carriages. In total 100 slides, 100 carriages, and 100 carriage plates are offered.

Bishop-Wisecarver, 2104 Martin Way, Box 1109, Pittsburgh, CA 94565-5027; FAX (925) 439-5931;

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Machine mount I/O

INTERBUS Loop 2 utilizes the power supply not only to power the I/O devices, but also to transmit network signals to the devices. This technology modulates the device's protocol signal onto the current signal generated by the power supply. The physical network connection is achieved via an insulation displacement connection that eliminates the need for costly network cable connections and reduces wiring time.

Phoenix Contact, Box 4100, Harrisburg, PA 17111-0100; FAX (717) 944-1625.

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Custom measurement CD-ROM

DAQ Designer(TM)2000 can recommend real-time data acquisition and motion control hardware and software in addition to signal conditioning, computer-based instruments and instrument controllers, and image acquisition hardware and software. Answers to questions about specific application details, including the type of computer bus and operating system, sensor measurements, imaging or vision inspection requirements, number of channels and data resolution needed, and filtering and isolation requirements lead to the recommendation.

National Instruments, 11500 N. Mopac Expwy., Austin, TX 78759-3504; FAX (512) 794-5759;

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Servo drives

PC800 servo drives reportedly offer small size, competitive pricing and short lead times. Measuring 3.5 X 8 X 6.25 inches, the PC800 is 40% smaller than the SC900, but offers similar all-digital servo capabilities. PC800 accepts step and direction commands or analog commands, and an internal profile generator handles pre-set index moves. DRDC (digital resolver to digital conversion) algorithm, with 24-bit resolution, smoothes low-speed performance to achieve positioning accuracy as low as five arc mins. The drive's 400 kHz velocity-loop bandwidth speeds drive set-up and tuning and decrease settle times. Initially available in 1.5 kW continuous (4.5 kW peak) output power, or 3 kW continuous (9 kW peak) output power, applications include semiconductor manufacturing, printing, and material handling equipment.

Pacific Scientific Motor Products Div., 4301 Kishwaukee St., Box 106, Rockford, IL 61105-0106; FAX (815) 226-3080;

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Spin stand platform

This compact spin stand platform is designed for both engineering labs and production environments. It uses a super high stability lockdown process, an air bearing spindle, and planar XY air bearing stage, linear motors, non-contact linear encoders, pneumatics, and servo controls, all in a package measuring less than 3.75 cubic feet. System stability is better than 10 nm during lockdown.

Dover Instrument, 200 Flanders Rd., Westboro, MA 01581; FAX (508) 366-9774.

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High-temperature couplings

New high-temperature polymer coupling has an operating temperature range of -50 to 200C. The High Temperature Blind (HTB) coupling comes in four frame sizes, in the 1.2 to 10 kNm range, suitable for mounting on engines with flywheels from SAE 11.5 to 21. Target applications include diesel engine bell housings, generating sets, and pusher tugs.

Renold Hi Tec Couplings, 112 Parkinson Lane, Halifax, England HX1 3QH; FAX (815) 389-5753;

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Power controller

The KD44CF dc solid state power controller (SSPC) has temperature compensated short circuit and overlap protection. This SSPC offers predictable short circuit or overload current trip response to transient conditions that occur when driving reactive loads or when power is turned on into capacitive or motor loads. It is rated for 2 amps at 60V dc and reportedly offers a replacement for electromechanical power relays.

Teledyne Relays, 12525 Daphne Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250.

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