Pico Technology's PicoScope 6000 Series

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April 10, 2010

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Pico Technology's PicoScope 6000 Series

The new PicoScope 6000 Series allows engineers to view and capturehigher speed signals that in the past were not possible with a PC based scope,along with comparatively priced benchtop setups. With a 5 GS/s sampling rate,350 MHz bandwidth, and an extremely large 1 GS buffer size, the new scopesallow the user to capture high speed signals at a significantly longer timebase. To compare this, a benchtop in the same class as the PS-6403 which wouldhave the same sampling rate, bandwidth and a buffer size of 10MS would only beable to capture at 5 GS/s up until 100uS/div, while the PS-6403 would be ableto hold the 5 GS/s sampling rate up to 10mS/div. This is a significantimprovement in signal display quality, along with being priced at almost halfthe price as the competitive benchtop model. The PicoScope 6000 Series offerssignificant cost savings with the PicoScope 6402 kit priced at $5,767 and thePicoScope 6403 kit priced at $7,417, these two units will give specificationsat a significant price cut. With 350 MHz bandwidth and a 5 GS/s sampling rate acomparable unit would be for example the DPO4034 from Tektronix. This unit hasa starting price of $10,200 and includes only a 10M buffer size with no optionto upgrade the memory size. To obtain 1 GS memory size from one manufacture youhave to spend an additional $30K on top on the base unit. While improving thespecifications available along with a significant price savings, the consumerwill be able to afford higher quality readings which will improve and lower thecosts of products in other fields, as well. Starting with the PicoScope 3000series launched in 2004 Pico allowed users to obtain oscilloscopes with theright combination of the three factors, then we improved this againdramatically with the introduction of the PS-5000 series - the world's fastestUSB connected PC oscilloscope at the time, and have once again improved thedesign with the PS-6000 series. Never before can a customer purchase a PCoscilloscope with the specifications that the PS-6000 series has to offer, or abenchtop model with similar specifications at such a low price, according tothe company.

For more information: http://www.picotech.com/highest-performance-oscilloscopes.html

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