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June 20, 2008

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Partner Zone Directory

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments November Partner Zone

LED Lighting, Energy Harvesting, Industrial, Medical and More

Visit the new Texas Instruments microsite on Design News for the latest videos, reference guides, datasheets, application notes and other resources targeted to the design engineer community.

Stratasys 3D

Stratasys 3D November Partner Zone

What is Additive Fabrication? Webcast Available Now: Fabricating the Future

Rapid prototyping means many things. Explore the process of conceptual modeling, functional prototyping, manufacturing tools to end-use parts. Learn how additive fabrication systems such as 3D printers, rapid prototyping systems, and direct digital manufacturing systems are changing future product development and manufacturing.

Phillips Plastics

Phillips Plastics November Partner Zone

Top Challenges When Designing Rapid Injection Prototypes

Prototyping is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine if your design is manufacturable. Join Bill Welch, Phillips Plastics Corporation's Vice President of Engineering, who will guide you through a Webcast highlighting how to overcome the top challenges with rapid injection molding. 


LightMatters: The Unsung Heroes of Modern Health Care
First, let's define "no-compromise." In an ideal configuration, thislamp would use a high-brightness LED (HBLED) that is built into a small,integrated package and is able to produce a large quantity of focused light,operate with a high level of reliability and generate no audible noise. Is thisdifficult? Yes, but it is possible.
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Design Engineers

Design Engineers' Portal forSensing and Machine Safety
Whatever industry you're in, or whatever product you manufacture, the rightsensors to automate your plant, and to improve your overall efficiency, qualityand safety are a must. You'll find Banner Engineering to be an amazing resourceof products, training and people with expertise.

Test& Measurement World Machine Vision & Inspection Report
Topics include machine-vision software, Power over Camera Link, thermal imagingand frame grabbers. ReadMore

Mechatronics Zone

Mechatronics inaction
Successful synergistic integration of controls, electronics, computers andmechanical systems is key to the 21st century design process.  Unlockthe secrets at the MechatronicsZone!


EngineeringConcept Conduit
Engineering Concept Conduit looks at new products and the components that makethem exceptional. Each month we'll look at a new electronic product and seewhat makes it tick from an engineering point of view. We'll explore the designand engineering challenges for the product and examine the components thatsolved those challenges.

Kelly Search

OEMSupplier Search, powered by Kellysearch
With over two million companies and ten million products, Design News'OEM Supplier Search is an essential method of sourcing products and suppliersfrom the United Statesor around the world. Check it out.

Phillips Platsics

The Injection MoldingReference File
The Design Engineer's Reference File, sponsored by Phillips PlasticsCorporationTM
Phillips Plastics has set the standard for injection molding services since1964 with state-of-the-art technology, experienced staff, and collaborativepartnerships resulting in unsurpassed quality and cost-savings.


Designing With Plastics: APractical Guide for Engineers
No matter what you're working on, you need a material that performs. After all,the material you specify this year will determine the succes of your productnext year and beyond. That's where Solvay Advanced Polymers can help.


ProvenTips for Connectivity Success
For 40 years we've dedicated ourselves to develop, design and manufactureexceptionally versatile products, while providing unsurpassed service andsupport to our customers. Our extensive line of products includes thousands ofsensor, interface, cordset and connector combinations that meet clients' needs.

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