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January 22, 2001

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New Literature

Energy management

Energy management components and systems for aerospace industry applications are covered in this brochure. Featured topics include devices used for energy absorption and control, weapons effects isolation, nuclear weapons effects, seismic energy dissipation, aircraft arrestment, umbilical handling, stores and payload deployment, control damping/delay and cargo transport/handling.

Taylor Devices Inc. ,90 Taylor Dr., North Tonawanda, NY 14120; FAX (716) 695-6015;

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ESD control

Over 1,000 items for electrostatic discharge control are detailed in this catalog. Products covered include wrist straps, foot grounders, grounding devices, floor and table mats, floor finish, smocks, ionizers, monitors and testers, shielding bags, tape, and educational material. The company's web site is also said to offer access to industry information on ESD control.

ESD ,19 Brigham St Unit 9, Marlboro, MA 01752; FAX (800) 805-5665; www.esd

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Engineered tooling capabilities of this company are the topic of brochure 27-06-503, which provides technical descriptions, illustrations, and examples MODCO/HEINLEIN tooling and gaging systems used in the production of engine blocks, cylinder heads, crankshafts, and transmissions. Also covered are products for medical and aerospace applications.

Valenite Inc. ,Box 9636, Madison Heights, MI 48071-9636; FAX (248) 597-4902;

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Timing belt pulleys

Standard and custom timing belt pulleys are the subject of this catalog. Technical information is provided for an assortment of aluminum and steel pulleys in common inch, metric, and HTD pitches, while a design guide section outlines technical specifications for custom configurations. Sizes and tolerances of bores, keyways, and v-guides is provided.

Mectrol Corp. ,9 Northwestern Dr., Salem, NH 03079; FAX (603) 890-1616;

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"Best Connections-from the sensor to the control system" is the theme of this company's capabilities brochure. Its various product ranges detailed include Clipline modular terminal blocks, Pluscon industrial plug connectors, Combion conductor connection systems, Trabtech surge voltage protection, Interface and the Interbus field bus system.

Phoenix Contact ,Box 4100, Harrisburg, PA 17111-0100; FAX (717) 944-1625;

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Catalog #SSB-2 offers photographs, drawings, dimensional specifications, and technical data on front end stepper/servo motor brakes. All brakes are power-off, or "failsafe" and are designed to mount to the front end of a stepper or servo motor as an added safety feature or for holding the load in place. Models offered include FEB, RFEB, and SSB, but special custom designs are available upon request.

Electroid Co. ,45 Fadem Rd., Springfield, NJ 07081; FAX (973) 467-5656;

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Linear motion products

Lead screw driven Posi-Drive Stages are available in two smaller versions, the LS1 and LS2. They come in one-, two-, or three-axis configurations and with ball or crossed roller rolling elements. Sized for use with NEMA 14 and 17 motors, they measure 1.38 inches wide x 1.25 inches high.

Del-Tron Precision Inc. ,5 Trowbridge Dr. Box 505, Bethel, CT 06801; FAX (203) 778-2721;

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CAD drawings

"Designer Companion D700" is a CD-ROM that includes CAD drawings for more than 45,600 SDP/SI components. Saved in both DWG and DXF formats, the drawings contain attribute data, such as part numbers, and company name, for generating bills of materials. Types include gears, belt and chain drives, shafts and accessories, bearings, couplings, universal joints, unique components, gearheads and speed reducers, right angle drives, brakes and clutches, and motors and gearmotors.

SDP/SI ,2101 Jericho Tpk. Box 5416, New Hyde Park, NY 11042-5416; FAX (516) 326-8827;

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Available in six languages, the "On-line Product Selection Guide" contains complete information for more than 13,000 standard products. Currently, the company's on-line guide contains an interactive process for the Captive Fasteners product category. Selection criteria includes outer panel thickness, thread size, finish, preferred knob style, installation style, recess style, and screw projection. After available part numbers are calculated, users can view literature, download CAD files, and place orders.

Southco ,210 N Brinton Lake Rd., Concordville, PA 19331; FAX (610) 459-4012;

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Power equipment

Literature covers all of the company's products, including industrial clutches, centrifugal clutches, torque converter systems, gas shocks, band brakes, brake calipers, and transmissions. Specifications, features, and typical applications of each product are detailed. The catalog also contains a section of new products and a description of the company and its capabilities.

Comet Industries ,358 NW F St., Richmond, IN 47374; FAX (765) 935-2346;

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Elastomeric technology

This company's Aerospace Business Unit specializes in elastomeric compounding and bonding technology for the aerospace, heavy original equipment, and automotive markets. The brochure explains the company's worldwide capabilities and reports that, using aerospace-developed techniques, they can help designers create components which can absorb, dampen, and/or control large forces simultaneously occurring in several directions. They also say through the process, a single-unit assembly can often replace a multi-piece part, and require no lubrication.

Chicago Rawhide ,735 Tollgate Road, Elgin, IL 60123-9332; FAX (847) 742-3373;

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Retaining rings

Printed in English, French, and German, this catalog contains information on retaining rings manufactured to world standards, including inch, DIN metric, and Japanese Industrial Standards. It lists specifications for all sizes and types of retaining rings along with the tools for their installation and removal. Hardness specifications and product characteristics describe the capabilities of each product, and information on materials used to produce the rings is also included.

Rotor Clip Co. ,187 Davidson Ave., Somerset, NJ 08875; FAX 732-469-7333;

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This company's "Engineering Manual & Purchasing Guide" contains reference data along with electronic components, supplies, test equipment, tools, and accessories from more than 275 manufacturers. The catalog is available in print and on the web.

Allied Electronics Inc. ,7410 Pebble Dr., Fort Worth, TX 76118; FAX (817) 595-3500;

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PICmicro(R)microcontrollers and development tools, Analog/Interface products, KEELOQ(R)secure data products, non-volatile memory devices, and related microperipheral products, including RFID, are detailed in the 2nd Edition 2000 Technical Library CD-ROM. The CDs replicate the company's website and can be viewed with a browser. Specifications, application notes and related source codes, development systems and software support for embedded control applications, and programming specifications are detailed.

Arizona Microchip Technology Ltd. ,Microchip House 505 Eskdale Rd., Winnersh TriangleWokingham, Berks RG41 - 5TU; FAX (973) 467-5656;

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Dc gearmotors

LO-COG(R)brush-commutated dc gearmotors are designed for smooth, quiet operation and long life in applications such as computer peripherals, imaging equipment, clinical diagnostic and automatic test equipment, and factory automation. "Bulletin LCG" details LO-COG series GM8000, 9000, and 14000 brush dc gearmotors and includes relevant specifications and performance data. The company offers each series in varying lengths and with sintered steel spur gears as standard, and planetary gears as options.

Pittman ,343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438-0003; FAX (215) 256-1338;

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"Product Guide and Index to Bulletins" compiles the company's complete line of self-clinching and broaching fasteners, threaded inserts, and fastener-installation press systems. It also acts as a locator for specific product literature and provides contact information for worldwide authorized distributors and engineering representatives. Among the products featured in the guide are SI(R)threaded inserts for attaching plastic assemblies; PEMSERTER(R)precision presses for installing self-clinching fasteners, flare-mounted standoffs, broaching-type studs, SNA22X(TM)HYBRID(TM)panel screws, and CONNECT'R WARE(R)fasteners. The STICK-SCREW(R)System for speeding small-screw insertion is also included.

Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp. ,Box 1000, Danboro, PA 18916; FAX (215) 766-0143;

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Thermoplastic polyester alloy

Vandar(R)thermoplastic polyester alloy is available unfilled, glass-filled, and mineral-filled. According to the company, each resin provides outstanding mechanical and thermal properties, chemical resistance, and moldability in appliance, automotive, and electrical/-electronic applications. The brochure describes the advantages of each grade and its physical, mechanical, and thermal properties, and also lists typical injection molding conditions.

Ticona ,90 Morris Ave., Summit, NJ 07901;

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Hydraulic fittings

Detailing more than 350 styles of their 10,000 products, the company's brochure is divided into five catagories: O-Ring Face Seal Fittings, Tube Fittings & Adapters, Flareless Bite Type Fittings, International Fittings, and NWD Technology Fittings. Technical illustrations of the complete line of steel and stainless steel hydraulic tube fittings and adapters are included, along with new forged fittings for severe-duty, high performance applications.

Brennan Industries ,6701 Cochran Rd., Cleveland, OH 44139; FAX (440) 234-1890;

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Bimetallic Barrel products are intended for use in the plastics processing industry (extrusion and injection molding) and are offered in the following versions: AR-1000 for general purpose use, SuperCarb for abrasion resistance, and CR-3680 for extreme corrosion environments. They are also offered in alternative alloy configurations for specialty applications. Physical properties, chemical composition, and other technical information is provided.

New Castle Industries ,Box 7359, New Castle, PA 16107; FAX (724) 656-5620;

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Roller chain

Morse roller chains have been expanded to include corrosion-resistant designs and are described in this literature. Some of the additions include nickel plated roller chain, stainless steel roller chain, stainless steel sprockets, corrosion-resistant attachment chain, Moisture Guard roller chain, and Custom Moisture Guard Roller Chain.

Emerson Power Transmission ,Box 687, Maysville, KY 41056; FAX (606) 564-2239;

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Linear actuators

Electro-mechanical linear ball screw actuator models range from 12V dc units for outdoor power use through 90V dc units for fixed variable travel rate applications. The Performance PAK Engineering and Selection Guide contains information to assist users in selecting the proper actuator for specific applications. The guide also covers the following options: electric brakes, position sensors (Hall-effect and potentiometer), limit switches, life-time lubrication, spur gear reduction, solenoid brakes, trunnion-clevis mounting, electrical and manual operation, and strokes to 36 inches.

Thomson Industries ,2 Channel Dr., Port Washington, NY 11050; FAX (516) 883-9039;

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Racks and pinions

Rack and pinion technical guide "C-20" features three product lines, Series T, P, and M. Each line differs in level of precision and strength of the steel used. According to the company, the strongest steel is 159,000 psi, while the highest level of precision available is AGMA Q12, often used for measuring linear distances. Standard racks are offered in DP (inches) or Module (metric) tooth sizes and in three different cross sections.

Mijno Precision Gearing ,406 N. Prospect Ave., Park Ridge, IL 60068; FAX (847) 698-9040;

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Starting device

A device that quickly starts cold-cathode sensors reduces starting times at 10 -10 Torr from over eight hours to four or five minutes. This starting device releases photons into the cold-cathode sensor, starting and maintaining the ionization process. This allows for constant pressure measurement. A single-sheet brochure includes a technical description, specifications, and prices.

MKS Instruments , 5330 Sterling Dr., Boulder, CO 80301; FAX (303) 442-6880;

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Hose crimpers

Hose crimping machines come in bench-mounted, floor-mounted, and portable models. The machines crimp a variety of hose types from 1/4 inch through 2 inches in diameter. The Parkalign(TM)feature self-positions the fittings in the dies with high accuracy. The brochure includes photos and applications as well as information on portable pumps.

Parker Hannifin Corp. , 30240 Lakeland Blvd., Wickliffe, OH 44092; FAX (440) 943-3129;

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Self-clinching standoff fasteners, including new Types SO4 and BSO4 thru-hole and blind-threaded standoffs, are intended for installation into stainless steel sheets as thin as 0.04 inch. All self-clinching standoff models install permanently in thin metal sheets and will enable components to be stacked or spaced in an assembly. This literature illustrates standoffs for thin stainless, thru-hole and unthreaded standoffs, and blind-threaded standoffs.

Penn Engineering & Mfg. Corp. , Box 1000, Danboro, PA 18916; FAX (215) 766-0143;

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Servo drives

With 400 Hz, the PC 832 series servo drive offers high velocity-loop bandwidth. This enables faster drive setup and tuning, and allows the drive to settle into position more quickly. It is available at 2.7A rms continuous and 5.3A rms peak output power, and when paired with the company's PMA and S-series motors provides a range of 0.50Nm at 6,050 rpm to 4.9Nm at 1,300 rpm. This selection guide supplies detailed features and benefits, technical information, connection diagrams, and specifications and performance curves for various drives and motors.

Pacific Scientific , Box 106, Rockford, IL 61105-0106; FAX (815) 226-3080;

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