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October 16, 2000

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New Literature

Cable management

Bundling and securing, clamping, networking and protecting, identifying, as well as terminating and connecting products comprise this line of cable management products. Applications for the products range from electrical/electronic, telecommunications, and automotive and truck manufacturing, to wire harnessing. Part numbers, specifications, and suggested applications for all products are included in the catalog.


Power supplies

The "2000 Power Supply Handbook" contains the company's range of custom and standard power conversion products, including low to medium ac/dc, distributed power front-end ac/dc, encapsulated linear ac/dc, external ac/dc and dc/dc, along with telephone ring generators. Specifications, dimensions, and applications are provided for each product, as well as a multilingual glossary.

Artesyn Technologies


This Rollway(R)offering includes standard cylindrical radial bearings, cylindrical thrust bearings, tapered thrust bearings, and steel cage journal roller bearings in sizes from 1 ID through 42 OD. Some applications include rolling mills, plastics and rubber extrusion equipment, pumps and compressors, and material handling services. The catalog contains a variety of selection, application, and engineering data for the line of engineered bearings.

Emerson Power Transmission

Carbon fiber

Intended for applications that call for polymers, metals, cement, asphalt, or cross-material composites, this carbon fiber is formulated to enhance the performance properties of designs. Some reported application benefits include smaller, more powerful batteries, lighter, stronger fiber-reinforced plastics, strong, corrosion-resistant car body panels, and greater heat dissipation in parts. The brochure is intended to be a general overview of the company's pitch-based carbon fiber. It also outlines properties and applications.

Conoco Inc.

Linear motion and control

The "Linear Motion & Control Solutions Guide" features an offering of linear guides, systems, slides, stages, and motion control products. By using the graphs, formulas, and illustrations included throughout, engineers should be able to design, specify, and order complete systems with a single part number. Special sections on motion control, accessories, and engineering support are also included. Industry applications range from aerospace, automotive, packaging, machine tools, to robotics, medical, and electronics.

Thomson Industries


Among these products are wallmount and freestanding enclosures, operator interface systems, subracks, backplanes, heat exchangers, busbars, network and server cabinets, and air conditioners. An accessories section includes types of bases, doors, locking systems, and 19-inch components. Each section in the handbook starts with a product group overview and then showcases each product, using specifications and technical drawings.

Rittal Corp.

Bellows and way covers

This catalog contains design information on Gortite(R)protective covers for machine tools, robots, automated systems, and mobile and medical equipment. It features custom-engineered bellows covers, rod boots, linear rail covers, camera bellows, and bellows-type way covers. Data on metal roll-up and telescoping way covers, walk-on-way covers, and way wipers is also included.

A & A Manufacturing Co.

Power transmission

PT Wizard 4.0 is an interactive power transmission product resource library on a 32-bit CD-ROM for use with Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT 4.0. It includes pricing for DODGE products, and provides CAD drawings, selection software, part numbers, and support functions. The software features the complete FIRST LINE template library, providing AutoCAD drawings that correspond with product groupings in the DODGE engineering catalogs.

Rockwell Automation

Relays and circuit breakers

Electromechanical relays, contactors, time delay relays, solid state relays, input/output modules, sensors, magnetic circuit breakers, thermal circuit breakers, and accessories are described in this "Databook."

Tyco Electronics Corp.

Steel fasteners

KEYHOLE(R)self-clinching standoff fasteners are designed to enable a PC board panel to be quickly slipped into place and removed from an assembly by sliding the board sideways and lifting it off. The stainless steel standoffs can reportedly be used for spacing or hanging replaceable components. The bulletin provides specifications, performance data, and installation procedures. The fasteners are offered in a variety of lengths for installation in sheets as thin as 0.04 inch (1 mm).

Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp.


ServoWire Drive Networks are designed to provide a high-speed (200 mega-bits/sec), real-time, serial communication link between an ORION ServoWire Axis Module and up to eight servodrives and servomotors. System replaces the standard plus or minus 10V analog servodrive interface with a new all-digital interface. The ServoWire Product Guide provides a technical overview of the company's line of industrial PC-based controllers and a technical explanation of how ServoWire provides an all-digital servodrive network.


Band cylinder specification

Operating in a Windows environment, this Tol-O-Motion Pneumatic Band Cylinder Sizing & Selection Software for pneumatic components provides a list of potential solutions. The products are listed with complete specifications and recommended accessories, ranked by price. The software automatically calculates bending moments from user provided load data. It is available on the company's website.


Dc servomotors

ELCOM ST(TM)slotted brushless dc servomotors are a cost-effective alternative to slotless brushless motors. The 2.3-inch diameter motors outlined in "Bulletin EST" feature high-energy bonded neodymium magnets for optimal performance. Continuous torque output up to 49 oz-inch is reported, and three standard lengths (1/2, 1, and 2 inch) are available.



Materials include pure metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, compounds, intermetallics, and composites. Company specializes in supplying small quantities (a few grams to a few kilos) of metals and other materials for research or prototype development. Guide is intended to be a source on general availability (in-stock or custom-made) and form (foil, wire, sputtering target, etc.) of purchased metals or materials.

Goodfellow Corp.

Custom lubricants

The "LubeShopper" describes more than 30 synthetic lubricants, each custom formulated for specific functions. Applications for the oils and greases are reported with bearings, switches, connectors, gears, sliding parts, and sensors. Divided into applications categories with tabs, each section contains a description of appropriate lubricants, typical applications, and specifications, which include temperature ranges.

Nye Lubricants

Air motor

The "Air Motors/Gearmotors" catalog includes company's non-lubricated air motors in addition to the traditional lubricated styles. New models with choices of muffler options have also been added along with information on accessories for the complete line. Motors range up to 9.5 hp.

Gast Manufacturing

Hydraulic shock suppressors

Pulse-Tone Inline hydraulic shock suppressors are reported to reduce pump pulsations and vibration, which can cause component wear and leakage, and unwanted noise. Sized to fit all hydraulic lines, the units are available in pipe and tube sizes ranging from 3/8 to 2 inch, with threaded connections. The brochure provides information on features, benefits, applications, specifications, dimensions, accessories, and parts, as well as details on ordering, installation, and maintenance.

Parker Hannifin

Industrial hardware

Locks, latches, and related equipment for industrial, vehicular, and specialty applications are provided by this company. Their catalog is divided into thirteen sections: new products, passenger restraint, slam, dead bolt, compression, and draw latches, grab/pull handles, handles, cam-type door locks, hinges, tie downs/hold backs, counterbalance, and miscellaneous. It also includes an index and request form for CAD drawings.

Eberhard Mfg. Co.


An abridged version of the company's product booklet, the Product Catalog contains information in ten sections: piston and vane pumps, piston and vane motors, pressure control, directional/proportional, check, stack, flow control, and proportional/pressure control valves. Information on electronics is also available. Specification information, displacements, performance and operation limits, schematics, dimensions, and options are listed for each model.

Denison Hydraulics

Display stations

CIMPLICITY(R)display station series with bundled hardware and industrial automation software solutions are designed for demanding industrial applications. The units are available with a variety of touch screen and integrated keypad models, with a range of configurations and sizes, including models that meet reduced panel space and enclosure requirements. Information on 11 different 2000, 2020, and 2050 models is provided in the brochure.

GE Fanuc Automation

Liquid crystal polymer

Vectra(R)liquid crystal polymer is a family of high-performance plastics formulated to meet demanding thermal, mechanical, and chemical criteria in electrical/electronic, health care, industrial, consumer, and chemical process applications. The brochure defines the polymer's properties and provides information on injection molding and extrusion, including troubleshooting guidelines. The material is typically used in components such as sockets, bobbins, switches, connectors, chip carriers, and printed circuit boards.


Indicator lights

PC board mount and panel mount LED products, including Neon and Incandescent indicator lights, are included in this catalog. Additionally, pc board mount LED bar assemblies (right angle and vertical bars) are featured. Electrical and optical characteristics are listed for each product, along with special features.

Wilbrecht Electronics, Inc.

Thermal management

For controlling temperature and humidity in sealed enclosures-in order to prolong the life of sensitive industrial controls-these solutions include air conditioners, heat exchangers, and fans. Heaters, blowers, louvers, and vents are also part of the line. The electronic catalog includes help notes to assist users in determining the desired temperature difference, heat load, and exposure surface of the enclosure. The software is available on the company's website.


Speed reducer

DODGE TIGEAR speed reducers include the RELIALUBE system that is designed to provide a pressure-vented gearbox with no open path to the environment. According to the company, no periodic maintenance is required. The brochure highlights features and includes cutaways, drawings, and charts to help depict the advantages of the product line.

Rockwell Automation


The Browning series 1000 line of fractional horsepower ac and dc gearmotor is intended to complement the series 2000 in the smaller size range. It bundles standard features to provide user benefits in typical industrial and commercial applications such as small conveyors, fans, packaging machinery, mixers, turn tables, and line shafts. The gearmotors included in the brochure are available in 1/12 to 3/4 hp designs, in single- and three-phase ac and PM dc construction, with ratios from 3.15 to 315:1, and capacities up to 580 inch-lbs.

Emerson Power Transmission

Linear actuators

Electro-mechanical linear ball screw actuator models range from 12V dc units for outdoor power use through 90V dc units for fixed variable travel rate applications. The Performance PAK Engineering and Selection Guide contains information to assist users in selecting the proper actuator for specific applications. Options such as electric brakes and position sensors (Hall-effect and potentiometer) are also covered.

Thomson Industries

Idler-rollers/cam followers

Load Runners(R)are designed in sizes from 1 to 10 inch OD in both flanges and plain rollers, and sizes from 11/2 to 11-1/2 inch in the V grooved style for small automated systems. The catalog lists sizes in both inch and metric sizes and also features Cam Runners(TM), flanged crown rollers, homeplate style V-track, and eccentric yoke shafts.

Osborn Int'L

Nylon fasteners

Standard and metric machine screws, cap screws, nuts, washers, spacers, insulators, grommets, bushings, rivets, hole plugs, clamps, printed circuit board accessories, cable ties, and other hardware items are among this company's nylon fastener offering. Suggested applications and performance characteristics are included for each product line in this 2000 catalog.

Micro Plastics Inc.

Fiber optic cabling

FutureFLEX(R)Air-Blown Fiber(R)Optic Cabling Systems are designed for high-speed voice, data, and video LANs. In addition to providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional fiber optic networks, the FutureFLEX system reportedly delivers superior signal integrity, reliability, high bandwidth, compact size, optimum security, and control. The brochure provides a brief tutorial on the system technology, hardware, and installation.

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Co.

Sealing solutions

This company's product offering includes static and dynamic seals, EMI shielding, and thermal management materials. Their guide contains a primer on the properties of basic sealing materials (such as NBR, HNBR, CR, ACM, FKM, FFKM, and EPDM), and a chart that matches the seal profiles with typical applications. Intended industry uses include aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and semiconductor manufacturing.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

Brush dc motors

LO-COG(R)22 mm iron-core brush-commutated dc motors are designed to offer the performance of traditional coreless motors at a lower cost. The 6000 series is reported to be smooth-running, and is intended for use in image processing, semiconductor processing, mass data storage equipment, computer peripherals, and office automation. Bulletin LC2 includes specifications and performance data.


Metals and materials

Metals and Materials is a CD-ROM catalog which is PC and Macintosh compatible. It contains information and pricing for more than 40,000 items, and includes searchability by chemical name, formula, item number, and trade name. Data tables list a range of physical and mechanical properties for metals, alloys, ceramics, polymers, and composites.

Goodfellow Corp.

Linear motion products

Lead screw driven Posi-Drive Stages are available in two smaller versions, the LS1 and LS2. They come in one-, two-, or three-axis configurations and with ball or crossed roller rolling elements. Sized for use with NEMA 14 and 17 motors, they should fit in the smallest applications requiring only 1.38-inch width and 1.25 inch-height, and offer travels up to 4 inches, according to the company.

Del-Tron Precision Inc.


This line of electronic components and computer products features thousands of ICs, tools, test equipment, and computer products recommended for OEM and MRO applications. The "Intelligent Connection" catalog is written for engineers, educators, service/repair technicians, and buyers to source leading edge and hard to find components. Reportedly, more than 200 new products have been added, including expanded lines of I/O cards, transformers, power suppliers, integrated circuits, switches, and power cords. Technical information for the products can be found on the website.


Stepper/servomotor brakes

This family of Front End Stepper/Servomotor brakes consists of models FEB, RFEB, and SSB. They are all power-off, or "failsafe" units that are designed to mount easily to the front end of a stepper or servomotor as an added safety feature or for holding the load in place. If the power fails, the brake should engage and stop the load. The literature offers drawings, dimensional specifications, and technical data on the family.

Electroid Co.

Blue LEDs

Sunlight-visible, Super Blue LEDs are designed to be direct replacements for incandescent lamps in industrial controls, indicators, and other durability and energy-efficiency applications. They range from 45 to 3,000 mcd and are available in the following types: S6 Candelabra screw-based, 5 mm Midget Flange, 3 mm Grain-of-Wheat Sub-Midget Flange, 5 mm Wedge-based, 9 mm Miniature Bayonet-based, and T2 telephone Slide-based LED.


Motion control

The "MotionSELECT Motion Control Products and Systems" brochure is part of the company's motion control products program. The catalog is intended to help customers select complementary products from among motor, drive, gearbox, feedback, and brake/clutch solutions.

API Motion

PTFE seals

Seals are manufactured from low friction PTFE and UHMW PE compounds, and are energized by a corrosion resistant spring. Standard and custom sizes are available in metric and English units. Operating range, applications, and markets are outlined in the catalog, along with general information on energized seals. Sections are dedicated for hardware and groove dimensions, to assist in designing seals for specific applications.

Ultra Seal

Timing belts

This company manufactures timing belt drive systems, other types of linear actuators, and accessory products. With reported enhanced protection against corrosion, and a hardened, torque-resistant aluminum housing, the Series AZ Timing Belt Drives are recommended by the company for positioning, sequencing, and other linear movement applications.

Amacoil Inc.


VersaMax(TM)Nano and Micro programmable logic controllers combine PLC and I/O into a single compact unit that can fit in the palm of your hand. They are outlined in this catalog through product features, specifications, and selection data. Additionally, the literature highlights related programming software and options for communications, motion control, and operator interfaces that complement the PLCs and combine to provide a complete automation solution.

GE Fanuc Automation

Dispensing/metering pumps

Recommended for fluids such as adhesives, reagents in clinical instrumentation, diluents in analytic instrumentation, and lubricants, these dispensing/metering pumps are reported to be precise and repeatable to plus or minus 2%, self-priming, and compact. The resource guide includes diagrams, a selection chart, and data sheets for several SV500 and 500 series of high purity, pneumatic, and solenoid-operated pumps.

Valcor Engineering Corp.


This brochure covers key features, applications, specifications, and selection charts for low pressure controls, dual function pressure controls, the company's ETCs (Electronic Temperature Controls), fan cycle head pressure controls, and the Paragon ERC-2 Electronic Refrigeration Control. Photos throughout the brochure use feature call-outs to assist in understanding each product's capabilities.

Invensys Sensor Systems

Silicone products

Products covered in this catalog, with features, benefits, and typical application information listed, include: silicone sponge extrusions, custom tubing extrusions, molded products, extruded profiles, dual extrusions, and Tygon(R)platinum cured and Versilic(TM)peroxide cured tubing. Suggested applications range from appliance, heating and air conditioning, document processing, and automotive.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics

Fastening and marking

These products include cable ties, banding and strapping systems, marker plates and tags, mounts, spacers, installation tools, and accessories. The catalog provides detailed specifications, descriptions, features, and benefits for all components in the PAN-STEEL line. A Custom Marker Quotation Form, a list of sales offices, and an alphabetical part number index are also included.

Panduit Corp.

Air and clamping cylinders

Advanced Cylinders Series CA are available in bore sizes 1-1/2-12 inches with standard hard chrome and polished rods for use with up to 250 psi air or oil. The catalog contains design details; mounting dimensions; technical data for selecting bore, rod diameter and stop tube; air/oil tank specifications; cylinder accessories; and ordering instructions.

Advanced Machine & Engineering Co.

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